Singleton & Patricks Plains Residents ex Post Office Directories

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This listing of residents of Singleton and surrounding district is part of an ongoing project to assist family historians in researching ancestors who lived in Singleton and the surrounding district pre 1900. It consists of a index of over 6500 entries transcribed from local postal directories which have been entered into a data base and then grouped by surname, first name / initial and then by year of entry. The index also lists the address of the resident and in most cases the occupation.

The listings thus gives some ideas as to changing occupational groups in the town as well as helping researcher with identifying places of residences and movement within the community.

There are numerous differences in the spelling of surnames and place names between and within directories. In order to achieve a modicum of ‘standardisation’ and thus facilitate the grouping of surnames and place names the differences have been corrected. However researcher should be cognizant of possible variations.


The index uses the following nomenclature to reference the source material for the entry.

The first letter in the reference field indicates the publisher of the directory

‘b’ Bailliere, Post Office and Country Directories

‘r’ Raymond, James. The NSW Calendar and General Post Office Directory 1832

‘s’ Sands Post Office Directories

‘m’ Meyer, W. Jameson, NSW National Directory

The next four numbers are the year of issue.

The last letters indicate the town or district. The abbreviation used to denote the towns / places are: –

ac Anvil Creek

be Belford

bra Branxton

bri Bridgeman

cam Camberwell

eld Elderslie

fo Fordwich

gb Glendon Brook

goo Goorangoola

gre Gresford

jp Jerry’s Plains

lew Lewisinbrook

mu Muswellbrook

nsw New South Wales

pp Patrick’s Plains. – Singleton, Scone, Muswellbrook, Murrurundi, Jerry’s Plains

r Ravensworth

s Singleton

sc St. Clair

se Sedgefield

sf Scott’s Flat

wa Warkworth

we Westbrook

wo Wollombi



ne no entry

ind indecipherable

—- missing letters

? query

sos see other spellings

* see notes

DISCLAIMER This information has been transcribed from original data in good faith and whilst every endeavor has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the transcriptions no responsibility either explicit or implicit is accepted for such.

Terry Callaghan Singleton October 2001

ID First Name Surname Year Occupation Address/Residence Source Notes
1 John Alford 1867 grazier Maryville b1867jp
2 Edward Alford 1867 scab inspector Birnam Wood b1867jp
3 Daniel Allen 1867 farmer Jerry’s Plains b1867jp
4 Matthew Allen 1867 farmer Jerry’s Plains b1867jp
5 John Allen 1867 farmer Jerry’s Plains b1867jp
6 Robert Allen 1867 farmer Waterfall b1867jp
7 ne Adams 1884 wheelwright Branxton s1884pp
8 H. Adams 1884 baker George St s1884pp
9 Henry Adams 1884 selector Bowman’s Creek s1884pp
10 Joseph Adams 1884 farmer Bridgman s1884pp
11 George Adler 1884 farmer Sedgefield s1884pp
12 George Adler 1884 farmer First Creek s1884pp
13 Nicholas Adler 1884 farmer Glendon s1884pp
14 Frederick G. Adrain * 1884 Clerk of Petty Sessions Branxton s1884pp * or Adrian
15 ne Ah Chee 1884 storekeeper Branxton s1884pp
16 Edward Alcorn 1884 grazier Station Creek s1884pp
17 Herbert Alcorn 1884 grazier Bridgman s1884pp
18 John Alcorn 1884 grazier Bridgman s1884pp
19 Osborne Alcorn 1884 grazier Glennie’s Creek s1884pp
20 Richard Alcorn 1884 cattle dealer Jerry’s Plains s1884pp
21 R—– Alexander 1884 farmer ind s1884pp
22 Edward Alford 1884 farmer Jerry’s Plains s1884pp
23 John jun. Alford 1884 farmer Maryville s1884pp
24 J.E. Alford 1884 squatter Jerry’s Plains s1884pp J.P.
25 John Allan 1884 farmer Belford s1884pp
26 James Ball 1867 shoemaker Jerry’s Plains b1867jp
27 Daniel Barry 1867 farmer Apple-tree Flat b1867jp
28 William Baxter 1867 farmer Apple-tree Flat b1867jp
29 Joseph Bland 1867 carrier Jerry’s Plains b1867jp
30 James Bowman 1867 grazier Hoskins Park b1867jp
31 John W. Bowman 1867 grazier Arrowfield b1867jp
32 David Brann 1867 farmer Jerry’s Plains b1867jp
33 George Brown 1867 inn keeper Jerry’s Plains b1867jp
34 James Allen 1884 farmer Waterfall s1884pp
35 Robert Allen 1884 grazier Singleton s1884pp
36 Thomas Allen 1884 farmer Sedgefield s1884pp
37 Thomas Allen 1884 grazier Scott’s Flat s1884pp
38 W.A. Allen 1884 farmer Dunolly s1884pp
39 William Allen 1884 farmer South Singleton s1884pp
40 Melville Anderson 1884 oil and colourman Bourke St s1884pp
41 Robert Anderson 1884 farmer Oaklands s1884pp
42 Abraham J. Andrews 1884 farmer Goorangoola s1884pp
43 H. ? Andrews 1884 farmer Happy Valley s1884pp
44 Edwards Andrews 1884 farmer Bridgman s1884pp
45 George Andrews 1884 farmer Bridgman s1884pp
46 James Andrews 1884 grazier Bridgman s1884pp
47 John Andrews 1884 farmer Bridgman s1884pp
48 Peter Andrews 1884 farmer Bridgman s1884pp
49 Sarah Andrews 1884 grazier Falbrook, Bridgeman s1884pp
50 William Andrews 1884 grazier Bridgman s1884pp
51 Henry Archinal 1884 farmer Dry Creek s1884pp
52 John Willis 1884 proprietor Argus Singleton s1884pp
53 J.J. Arndell 1884 grazier Oakley s1884pp
54 Mrs. Arthur 1884 grazier Myall Creek s1884pp
55 Phillip Arthur 1884 farmer Glennie’s Creek s1884pp
56 Phillip Arthur 1884 Aust. wine store Bridgman s1884pp
57 George Adams 1867 tinsmith George St b1867si
58 Mary Anne Adams 1867 laundress Hunter St b1867si
59 Madeline Aldwell 1867 schoolmistress Hunter St b1867si
60 Robert Alexander 1867 farmer Combo b1867si
61 Abraham Andrews 1867 farmer Sparke’s Flat b1867si
62 William Armes 1867 train guard John St b1867si
63 Thomas Atkins 1867 farmer Sydenham b1867si



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  1. Hi Tracey, this link will take you to the details I have. Terry

    • Thanks Terry. George and Martha Taylor of Yellow Rock and their daughter Mary Ann and John Taylor of Singleton are mine on initial check.

      I know I am probably missing something, however can't seem to make a donation, keeps telling my I am not matching the format??? Can you head me in the right direction.

    • Also wondered if you have anything on James and Jane Milligan and their children of Muswellbrook and Singleton.

  2. I am looking for a John Taylor who was a Carrier in Singleton in 1867 according to the birth certificate of his son. Wondering if you have anything listed in the Singleton & Patricks Plains Residents ex Post Office Directories?


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