Copyright as 30 Jan 2016* and Acknowledgements.

 Reproduction without permission is not appreciated. Whilst most of the data has been sourced from material in the public domain, these formats of the data have not and along with my historical notes are protected by copyright.

Permission is given for use of the material for your own genealogical research.You may copy revelant parts of the data pertaining to your own research under the fair dealing exemptions as defined in the Australian Copyright Act 1968 without first obtaining permission. Donations for making the material available are appreciated. See  here for donations

No material from this website may be reproduced, broadcast, communicated or copied (other than for purposes of criticism and review; private research and study; and reporting the news,

For all commercial uses of this material, including but not limited to publications, products and websites, permission to reproduce must be obtained.

 You may not sell any portion of the database or use the material to obtain a benefit for yourself.

 No portion of any of the databases can be added to other online collections either for free or commercial access.

 Any extracts of the data that are posted on message boards, forums or to mailing lists, should acknowledge the source by clearly stating my name and include the URL of my web site.

 For any other uses of materials from this Web site I require that you contact me in advance for permission to reproduce at

Note!  In order to access those pages that I have password protected  you will  need to obtain permission.

 Disclaimer Statement

This material has been produced in good faith. No responsibilty is accepted for errors or omissions which may exist in the data. In most cases the source(s) of the information is provided to enable your own research


Most of the  material on this web site has been sourced from the public domain.         Where this has not been the case I have acknowledged the sources.

Likewise most of the pictures are in the public domain except where noted otherwise and acknowledge as such. In particular I would thank the University of Newcastle for permission to use pictures from their records of Newcastle area, especially those relating to mining. In a number of cases I have not been able to locate the owner of others and If readers are aware of such would appreciate the information.

In this regard I  also would acknowledge the Richmond River Historical Society and the NRMA. for the use of maps.

I would also acknowledge the permission from Gould Genealogy for use of material from their resources pertaining to World War 1.

The music to the best of my knowledge is free of copyright, where I am mistaken I will acknowledge same or remove it if requested.

Terry Callaghan



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