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Pioneer Registers

Cessnock Pioneer Register
Muswellbrook Pioneer Register
New England Pioneer Register
Singleton Pioneer Register.
Maitland Pioneer Register.

Gibney, H. J. et al. A Biographical Register. 1788 – 1939. Notes from the name index of the Australian Dictionary of Biography. Vol 1 and 3. Note! These names are not included in the on line ADB Index.

Spurway, John. Australian Biographical & Genealogical Record. Series 1 1788 – 1841 with Series 2 supplement 1842 – 1899.

Cable , K. et al. Australian Biographical & Genealogical Record. Series 2 1842 – 1899. Volume 1.

Cable , K. et al. Australian Biographical & Genealogical Record. Series 2 1842 – 1899. Volume 2

Smee, Dr. C. J., The Pioneer Register 2 ed. Volume V.

Wells, William Henry. A Geographical Dictionary or Gazetteer of the Australian Colonies. 1848. (first published in 1848)

Census & Electoral Rolls.

1828 Census of New South Wales

General Musters of New South Wales 1823, 1824 and 1825.

General Return of Convicts. 1837.

1881 Census and National Index British Isles.

Electoral Rolls

Northumberland Hunter – 1851/ 52;

Hunter; Paterson; -1859/60

Patricks Plains; – 1871/72; 1878/79; 1881/1882; 1890/1891;

Upper Hunter; – 1878/1879 (not complete)

Singleton; 1894/1895 (part of); 1903/1904; 1912/1913 (part of); Singleton Shire 1922

1903 , Electoral Rolls for Durham, Newcastle ( Clarence Town, Dungog, Gresford,Paterson, Newcastle City, Stockton)

1913 Electoral Roll for NSW.

Exploration and Settlement

Most of these books and journals do not contain an index. The works of James Jervis, in particular, contain useful research material , describing people, properties and towns.

Campbell’s article on the Hunter Valley contains Dangar’s map and list of properties and owners.

H. Green’s thesis based on Dangar’s maps and other sources provide an extensive listing of landholders with references.

I am happy to do a reasonable number of lookups for you . There is no charge for this service but a donation would be appreciated. It is up to you.

Jervis, J. Lake Macquarie, Its Discovery and Settlement.  RAHS. Vol. 31 Sydney

Jervis, J. The West Darling Country: Its Exploration and Development. RAHS. Vol.
34 Part 2 Sydney 1948

Jervis, J. The West Darling Country: Its Exploration and Development.part 2 in
RAHS. Vol. 34 Part 3 . Sydney 1948

 Jervis, J.  The Rise of Newcastle. Eighty Years of its History – 1804 to 1884..  RAHS. Vol. 21 Part 3. Sydney . 1935

Jervis, J. The West Darling Country: Its Exploration and Development. (Part 3) in
RAHS. Vol. 34 Part 4 Sydney 1948

Jervis, J. Brisbane Water District: A Century of History. RAHS. Vol. 34. Part 6.
Sydney 1948.

Jervis. J. Kangaroo Valley – Some Notes on Its History. RAHS. Vol. 36. Part 2.
Sydney 1950.

Jervis, J. The Hunter Valley. A Century of Its History. RAHS. Vol. 39. Part 3. Sydney. 1953.

Jervis, J. Exploration and Settlement of the Western Plains. RAHS. Vol. 42 Part
2 Sydney 1956

Jervis, J. Exploration and Settlement of the North-Western Plains. (Part 1)
RAHS. Vol. 48 Part 5 Sydney 1962

Jervis, J. Exploration and Settlement of the North-Western Plains. (Part 2)
RAHS. Vol. 48 Part 6 Sydney 1963

Campbell, J. F. Discovery and Early Pastoral Settlement of New England. RAHS Vol. 8. Part 5. Sydney 1922.

Campbell, J. F. The Genesis of Rural Settlement on the Hunter. RAHS. Vol. 12, Part 2. 1926.
(contains Dangar’s maps).

Campbell, J. F. Early Settlement on the Lower Nepean River – Penrith to the
Hawkesbury River. RAHS. Vol. 18 Part 5. Sydney 1932.

Green, H. J. The Pioneer Settlement of the Hunter Valley. M.A. Thesis University of Newcastle 1975.

Watson, J. H. Kempsey: Early Settlement of the Macleay River. RAHS. Vol. 7. Part 4. Sydney 1921.

Woods, W. A.  Dawn in the Valley
(Hunter Valley)

Weingarth, John. The Discovery and Settlement of the Macleay River. RAHS. Vol.
7. Part 4. Sydney 1921. (includes maps of the Macleay River)

Weingarth, John. Early Settlement of the Upper Murray. RAHS. Vol 8. Part 4.

Immigration & Immigrants

Atkinson, A. The Europeans in Australia. Vol. 1. 1998.

Batrouney. A. & T.  The Lebanese in Australia. 1985.

Borie, W.D. Italians and Germans in Australia. A Study of Assimilation.1954.

Burkhardt, G.  The Place of Origin of German Immigrants to NSW 1849 – 1860.

Cloos P., Tampke, J. , Greetings from the Land where Milk and Honey Flows. The German emigration to NSW 1838 – 1858.’

Fitzpatrick, David. Oceans of Consolation. Personal Accounts of Irish Migration to Australia. 1994.

Rolls, Eric. Sojourners. The epic story of China’s centuries-old relationship with Australia. 1992.

Sherington, G. Australia’s Immigrants. 1788 – 1978. 1980

Jupp, The Australian People

Williams, M. ‘Non-British immigration to Australia during the 19th Century’ in Lemon A. et al Studies in Overseas settlement and Population.

Vondra, J. German Speaking Settlers in Australia.

McClaughlin, T. (ed.) Irish Women in Australia.1998.

Nadel, G. Letters from German Immigrants in New South Wales  (1849)

O’Brien, J. & Travers, P. (eds). The Emigrant Experience in Australia.1991.

O’Farrell, Patrick. The Irish in Australia.1988.

O’Farrell, Patrick. Letters from Irish Australia. 1825 – 1925. 1984.

Parkes, W. S. German Immigration to the Hunter Valley in the mid-19th Century.

Paterson , J. Assisted and Unassisted German Immigrants to NSW 1849 – 1559 – The Shipping Lists.

State Library of NSW. The French in Australia. 2004

 Cemetery Transcripts


‘The curfew tolls the knell of parting day,

The lowing herd winds cslowly o’er the lea,

The ploughman homeward plods his weary way,

And leaves the world to darkness and me.

Benearth those rugged elms, that yew-tree’s shade,

Where heaves the turf in many a mouldering heap,

Each in his narrow cell for ever laid,

The rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep.’

Thomas Gray ‘Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard’


Cemetery Transcripts

Branxton General Cemetery
Branxton Catholic Cemetery

Mount Vincent Cemetery.
Maitland Cemetery – on CD

Wallsend Cemetery
Singleton Queen Street Cemetery
Singleton Whittingham Cemetery


Gilbert, :L. A Grave Look at History. Glimpses of a Vanishing Form of Folk Art. 1980. ( recommended reading)

Baldock, John. The Elements of Elements of Christain Symbolism. 1991

Gazis, J. Grave Terminology.

Sagazio,C. (ed.) .Cemeteries: Our Heritage. 1992. (Victoria cemeteries)


Birth death and marriage records for NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Western
Australia and Tasmania.

 Australian Vital Records Index 1788 – 1905

 Vital Records Index British Isles 1538 – 1888


Post Office Directories
             Samson NSW Directory 1867 – 68

Wise 1900  NSW  Post Office Commercial Directory

1898 NSW Trade Directory


Place Names of NSW, England, Scotland and Ireland

Martin, A. Place Names of NSW
Atchison , J. Place names of Northern NSW.
Jervis. J. The Development of Place Names In NSW.
Irish, C. Names of Railway Stations of NSW. With their Meaning and Origin. RAHS 1927
Government Gazette. Towns and Railway Stations in NSW .1882.
Anon. Names of Sydney Streets.
Blake. L., Place Names of Victoria.
Reed A. Aboriginal Place Names.
Kennedy, B.  Australian Place Names.
Reed A., Place Names of Australia.
Walker. F. Australian Roadside Inns. RAHS 1921
Wells. W. H.  A Geographical Dictionary or Gazetteer of the Australian Colonies . 1848
Cameron. K., English Place Names
Anon.  Names of English Counties.
Room. A., English Place Names.
O’Connell. J., Meaning of Irish Placenames.

Pratt, E. Place Names of the Central Coast (NSW)

Wells, William Henry. A Geographical Dictionary or Gazetter of the Australian Colonies. 1848. (first published in 1848)

Flanagan, D. Irish Place Names.

Mackay. G. Scottish Place Names.

What’s in a Name? Dictionary of historical facts and Aboriginal meaning of over 12,000 place names of NSW.

Macquarie People & Places.

Surnames & Christian Names


Bain, R.  The Clans and Tartans of Scotland. Glasgow 1938
MacLysaght, E. The Surnames of Ireland. Dublin. 1999
Grenham, J.  Irish Family Names.  Dublin. 2000


Withycombe, E. G. The Oxford Dictionary of English

Christian Names.


Cottle, B., The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames


Anon. Australia’s Fighting Sons of the Empire.Portraits and Biographies of Australians in the Great War,  nd but c.1918

Beaumont, Joan. Broken Nation. Australians in the Great War. 2014

Callaghan Library Index
RefNo Author Title Subject KeyWords
851 Ashley, M. England in the Seventeenth Century. 1603 – 1714 English History  
911 Glass et al Population & Emigration UK England  
2 Hill, C. Cent.Of Revolution1603-1714 English History Cromwell
226 Aylmer G Gentlemen Levelers English History Cromwell
227 Booth A. Food Riots in NW England 1790-1801 English History society
228 Bonwick C ‘…Americian Revolution. Pamphleteers English History  
229 Brewester Levelers English History Cromwell
230 Brooke C. The Saxon & Norman Kings English History  
232 Cook et al Handbook Brit Hist 1714-1980 English History events,genealogy
233 Cambridge History Partition of Africa & South Africa English History  
234 Cambridge History Hobbes English History  
235 Cambridge History Restoration of Charles 11 English History Cromwell
236 Cambridge History Fall of Stuart Monarchy English History  
242 Cambridge History New Model Army English History cromwell
243 Cambridge History Britain after the restoration 1658-80c English History cromwell
246 Callagahan, T. Levelers 1646-9 English History Cromwell
247 Christie I Stress&Stability late18thcentBritain English History society
249 Gentles R Politics,Religion,the New Model Army English History Cromwell
250 Greaves R. Biography,British Radicals 17thCent English History Bunyan
252 Hair P Bridal Pregnancy in England English History woman
253 Hair P Bridal Pregnancy in England English History women
254 Hill, C. The World turned Upside down English History Cromwell
255 Hill, C. The Century of Revolution 1603-1714 English History Cromwell
256 Hill B Marry Age, Women, Demography 1700 English History Census, Electoral Rolls, Stastics
257 Holmes C New Light on the New Model English History Cromwell
258 Kussmaul, A. Seasonality of marriage in Eng.1700 English History women
260 Nuttall G Baptist West Association 1653-58 English History religion
261 Morrill J Mutiny,…,Provincial Army1645-47 English History  
262 Morris C The Tudors English History  
264 Plumb, J. England in the 18th Century English History  
265 Quainton C Cromwell&Anti Baptists 1653 English History religion
266 Rose R Red Scare of the 1790’s English History French
267 Wrigley E English Population History 1600-1799 English History marriage
268 Woolyrch A England Without A King English History Cromwell
269 Worden B Providence,Politics in Cromwell Eng English History  
270 Wedgewood C Oliver Cromwell English History  
271 McGregor et al …Religion in the English Revolution English History Cromwell
272 Royle et al Radicals and Reformers 1760-1848 English History Cromwell
273 Pryor F Faber Book of Letters 1578-1939 English History society
274 Hobsbawn E Industry & Empire From 1750 English History  
275 Horn P The Rural World 1789-1850 English History  
276 Huttenback R British Imperial Experience English History India
277 Morgan, R. Crime in 19th Cent England English History society
278 Rooke P Gladstone & Disraeli English History politics
279 Webb R Modern England. England From 18th Cent English History  
280 Donnelly F …English Working Class English History EP Thompson
281 Perkins H OrignsEng.Society 1780-1880 English History  
282 Harrison J The Common People English History class
287 Seaman L Victorian England 1837-1901 English History  
288 Harrison J Late Vict Britain 1875-1901 English History  
289 Eldridge C Victorian Imperialism English History  
290 Best G Mid Victorian Imperialism English History see 293
292 Rob & Gallagher Africa and the Victorians English History  
293 Bailey P Leisure/Class Vict England English History see 290
294 Malcolmson, R. Recreations,1700-1850 English History Class
295 Meller H Leisure/ city; 1870-1914 English History  
296 Walvin J Leisure/ Society 1830-1950 English History Class
297 Waters C …Leisure England 1820-1870 English History Class
298 Thompson D England 1815-1914 English History  
302 Callaghan, T. Leisure& Class in Vict. England English History  
303 Callaghan, T. Middle Class Vict England English History  
304 Callaghan, T. Living Stand Work. Class English History Vict.Hist.
305 Stokes E 19th Cent Imperialism English History Vict.Hist.
306 Taylor A Stand of Living Indust.Revol. English History class
308 Storich Police Popular Resistance English History 1840-1857
309 Magarey S JuvenileDelinquency 19thCent English History socialhis
310 Emsley C Sedition during 19th Cent English History socialhis
311 Evans E Early Indust Britain English History class
337 Callaghan, T. John Bunyan & Particular Baptists English History religion
406 Cole G et al The Common People 1746-1946 English History society
414 Kenyon J. The Stuarts 1603-1714 English History  
638 Greaves R. Biographical Dict Brit Radicals English History Cromwell 1600
848 Aylmer G England from Civil War to revolution English History Cromwell
859 Plumb, J. The First Four Georges English History  
863 Fulford R. Hanover to Windsor English History monarchy
864 Harvey J The Plantagents English History  
931 Hernon, I Britain’s Forgotten Wars English History  
460 Wedgewood C Thirty Year War1618-1648 European History Germany,Spain
739 Roberts History of Modern Europe European History  
207 Anon Bendemeer Cemetery Family History list graves
208 Maitland Mercury Bendemeer Family History description
359 Australian Archives Sources in the Aust Archives Family History  
360 Parkes, W. German Immigs Hunt Valley Family History in Guilford
360 Parkes, W. German Immig to Hunt valley Family History Irish
360 Paterson J re German Immigration Family History Catteaux wattel
364 Mutzelburg O German Ancestors Family History  
365 Newcastle Morning Herald Hexham parish, Tarro Cemetery Family History Sparke
367 Philips Rev Christ Church at Mt. Vincent Family History  
400 Newcastle Morning Herald re SS Gulf of Mexico Family History  
424 Delaney J Grave Listing Mt. Vincent Cemetery Family History  
749 Easterman S Bendmeer 1832-1985** Family History  
750 Begley D Irish Genealogy Family History  
754 Monteith, J. Greenock. from old photographs Family History Glasgow
772 Anon Photographs Shaw Street, Renfrew. Family History *
842 Royal Irish Const. Royal Irish Constabulatory Index Family History Doherty
843 Stemp et al Index to NSW Immigration Journals 1853 – 1900 Family History Callaghan/ Garrarty
844 AONSW Persons on Bounty Ships. Agents Immigration Lists. Family History Callaghan
845 AONSW Immigration Deposits Journal Family History Callaghan
361 Gray Nancy Compiling Family History Genealogy  
362 Kyle N Tracing Family History in Aust. Genealogy  
368 StateArchives Geneoligical Research Kit Genealogy guide
369 Spurway J Family Histrory in Aust. Genealogy  
666 Anon Naming Paterns Genealogy  
450 Family HistorySociety Mazines General  
370 Hagget P Geography Geography  
371 Walmsley J SocialJusticeAust Federalism Geography  
372 Tugendhat C The Multinationals Geography  
373 Mountjoy A The Third World Geography  
360 Nadel G Letters ex German Migrants Germans 1848-9
455 Perkin Convicts who never arrived Germans Hamburg
456 Neil Trial Bay Gaol** Germans  
457 Tamworth Family History Society German Immigration Germans  
857 RAHS The Germans in Victoria 1849 – 1900 Germans Vol 68 June 1982
880 Meyer, Charles The Germans in Victoria 1849 – 1900 Germans RAHS June 1982
882 Meyer, Charles The non-German Germans…. Germans RAHS April 1988

Callaghan Library Index

Callaghan Library Index
RefNo Author Title Subject KeyWords
857 RAHS Some Infant Health Problems in Sydney 1880-1939 Health  
857 RAHS 81 Sick and Disabled convicts within the colonial Community Health  
880 Lewis, Milton Some Infant Health Problems in Sydney 1880 – 1939 Health RAHS June 1982
724 Newcastle Library Guide to Records Held. Help  
841 Archives Authority Guide to Naturalization & Denization 1834 – 1903 Help  
416 Martin A Whig view of Aust History Historigraphy  
886 Guilford, E. Glendon Stud; Robert & Helenus Scott Horses in Journal of HV History
824 Parkes, Comerford, Lake Mines, Wines & People Hunter Vallay Cessonk. Wollombi
55 Gray S Newcastle in the Great Depresion Hunter Valley Newcastle
92 Jervis J Newcastle 1804-1884 Hunter Valley Newcastle
93 Jay C. The History of Coal & Allied Hunter Valley Newcastle
94 Newcastle Morning Herald The real Baron Brown Hunter Valley Newcastle
96 Newcastle Morning Herald Re Sept 1888 coal strike Hunter Valley Newcastle
98 Shaw A. History of James & Alex Brown Hunter Valley Newcastle
141 Campbell J. Rural Settlement -Hunter Hunter Valley JRAHS;Singleton Dangar’s maps
148 Goold W. Notes on homes,Hunter Valley Hunter Valley list heritage properities
166 Turner, J. Newcastle- JT Bigge 1819-21 Hunter Valley convicts
422 JRAHS Hunter valley Hunter Valley 1880-1914
423 JRAHS Hunter valley Hunter Valley CastleForbes
691 Guilford. E. Hunter Valley Inns & Innkeepers 1830’s Hunter Valley Singleton
800 Goold, W.J. The Birth of Newcastle. The Growth of Newcastle Hunter Valley biographies
801 Scone Hist Society The Great Northern Railway. Hunter Valley *Singleton, railways
807 McKenzie History of the Presbyterian Church Scone Hunter Valley religion **
808 Shire of Dungog Dungog Town & District Hunter Valley **
820 Parkes, W.S. Millfield 1825 – 1968. Village on the Wollombi Hunter Valley  
821 Green, H. The Pioneer Setlement of the Hunter Valley 1821- 1831 Hunter Valley based on Dangar’s maps, landowners details
827 Daly, M. The Growth of Newcastle & Its Suburbs Hunter Valley Wallsend
828 Whitworth, R.P. NSW Gazetter & Road Guide. 1866 Hunter Valley  
833 Cessnock Historical Society Cessnock Pioneer Register Hunter Valley  
836 Hartley, D. Men of their Time. Pioneers of the Hunter River Hunter Valley  
837 Karskens G Constr. of Great North Road Hunter Valley JRAHS
840 Gov Gaz Index to Liquor Licenses in Hunter Region 1865-1921 Hunter Valley Singleton
846 CDHFS Wollombi Anglican Marriages. 1856 to 1900 Hunter Valley  
847 CDHFS Wollombi Anglican Baptisms. 1856 to 1905 Hunter Valley  
857 RAHS 66 Moral Capitalism in the Hunter Valley 1880 – 1914 Hunter Valley  
878 Norrie, P. The History of Dr. Lindeman & Lindeman Wines Hunter Valley  
886 Fredman. L. David Cohen Hunter Valley in Journal of HV History
886 Guilford, E. Journal of Hunter Valley History Vol1 Hunter Valley  
886 Penglase, B. Marriage & Settlement in HV, 1818 to 1838 Hunter Valley in Journal of HV History
886 Rowe, D. Railway Builders in the Hunter Valley; 1854 – 1878 Hunter Valley in Journal of HV History
471 Armstrong Shaping the Hunter HunterValley mining
472 Branagan Geology & Coal Mining HunterValley 1791-1861
473 Campbell Howe’s journey Windsor to Singleton HunterValley JRAHS
474 Dowd et al Mudie & Castle Forbes HunterValley class
475 Elkin, A.P. Chaples & Churches H/V. HunterValley Dangar
477 King Urban Pattern Hunter Valley HunterValley mining
478 Montague Royal Veterans in Aust HunterValley  
479 Mitchell C Hunters River HunterValley 1830-1860, Sparke
641 Jervis J The Hunter Valley. A Century of its history. HunterValley Singleton
644 Jervis J The Route North re Singleton HunterValley Benjamin Singleton
690 Turner, J. Who Was Who in Hunter Valley Towns 1888 HunterValley Singleton
691 Fogo C Inns & Hotels 1825-1900 HunterValley Singleton
692 Guilford E re Singleton 1841 HunterValley  
694 Rowland Henry Dangar HunterValley Singleton
695 Mahaffey K Another Reapeth HunterValley Singleton
699 Colonial Government re Ben Singleton & Court HunterValley Singleton
701 Woods W.A. Dawn in the Valley HunterValley Singleton
702 Lye J et al Thematic History Kayuga HunterValley  
449 NSW Government re Parish Maps Help  
755 Cloos, P. Greetings From the Land of Milk and Honey. Imigrants German
168 Government Gazette Re Bounty for emmigrants other than English Immigrants bounty
360 Vondra J German…Settlers in Australia Immigrants  
724 State Records Assisted Immigrants Indexes Immigrants Guide to same
889 Batrouney The Lebanese in Australia immigrants  
919 Fitzpatrick, David Oceans of Consolation immigrants Irish
924 Sherington G. Australian Immigrants immigrants  
926 Borrie Italalins & Germans in Australia Immigrants  
447 Town&Country German ImmigrantsHuntValley Immigration Trevallyn
452 Jupp J The Australian People Immigration Germans, Irish
453 Lemon A Non British Immig to Aust. Immigration 19thC,Irish
519 O’Farrel Letters from Irish in Aust Immigration 1825-1925
521 O’Brien J Irish Immigrants experience in Aust Immigration  
524 Tamworth Family History Society Free irish Immigration Immigration V6 No3
135 Anon Donegal Ireland  
150 Nowlan K. Re irish History Ireland  
151 Irish Link Re Donegal Ireland Callaghan
341 Anon re Irish History & geography Ireland  
342 Anon re Donegal Ireland  
343 Anon re Irish Immigration* Ireland  
481 Beames M The Ribbon Societies Ireland  
482 Bartlett T Disturbances Ireland Ireland 1793
483 Bric Priest, Parson, politics Ireland 1785
485 Garvin U/grd politic network Ireland  
486 Steele Gladstone & Ireland Ireland  
642 Foster R.F. Oxford History of Ireland. Ireland  
780 Fawcett, J. The Distress in Donegal. 1858 Ireland *
780 Mitchell, B. Genealogical Atlas of Ireland Ireland Donegal
781 Barrett, B. ‘How some of our Irish pioneers came to Australia Ireland * Donegal
837 O’Dwyer W Michael Dwyer&1807 Rebel Ireland JRAHS
853 Adelman et al Great Britain & the Irish Question. 1800 – 1922 Ireland  
854 MacLysaght The Surnames of Ireland Ireland  
857 RAHS 81 St Patricks Day in Australia ( O’Farrell) Irish  
920 Macdonagh O. The Sharing of the Green. Irish History Irish
794 Armour, E. Occupiers of Land in NSW in 1885 Land * re tenures etc
890 Castles Australian Legal History legal  
498 Chaucer G The Canterbury Tales Literature  
499 Elliot G The Mill On The Floss Literature  
500 Brodie Notes on ‘Mill on Floss’ Literature  
501 Fielding H Joseph Andrews Literature  
502 Gaskell E North and South Literature  
503 O’Brien J Around the Boree Log Literature religion
504 Paterson B The Man From Snowy… Literature  
505 Shakespeare The Complete Works Literature  
506 White P A Fringe of Leaves Literature  
696 Shakespeare Macbeth Literature  
697 Shakespeare Othello Literature  
698 Shakespeare Richard III Literature  
918 Neil, M. H. Valley of the Macleay Local History  
  McNeil, I. Simsville & the Jarrah Mill Local History Stroud area
56 Gilbert, L. History around Us Local History  
95 Newcastle Morning Herald Missing Ships Still Missing Local History Brown
97 Ross, E. History of Miners’ Federation Local History Newcastle
132 Mitchell, B. Boolominbah Local History Armidale
133 Newcastle Morning Herald Sept 1888 Coal Strike and police Local History mining
149 Murray, P. NSW Lancers details Local History Boer War, Waddell
170 Hobbs J. Local History & the Library Local History clasific.
175 Townsend, N. Cedar cutters, North Coast,1838-48 Local History class
198 St Patrick St Patrick School 1883-1989** Local History Wallsend
202 NSWGovt Parish map in Family History Research Local History  
203 Newcastle Morning Herald Industrial Strikes & Miltary Local History Newcastle
204 Newcastle Morning Herald Maritime Disaster Local History Newcastle
205 Town&Country Morpeth Local History  
206 Anon Tanilba House Local History Caswell
209 Callaghan, T. Notes on Local History UNE Local History methodolg
237 Miners Auxiliary Rothbury Riot Anniversary Local History Brown
238 Callaghan, T. Norman Brown & H.Waddell Local History research papers,mining
239 Callaghan, T. Queen Street Cemetery Local History catholic
286 Callaghan, T. Singleton Cemetery Local History  
333 Callaghan, T. Refer- Singleto History etc Local History  
458 Hibbins Local History Handbook Local History  
508 Barker T History of Warialada** Local History 1827-1930
509 Bartlett N Port Stephens Story** Local History  
510 Barney, N. re Lady Nelson & Nelson Bay Local History  
511 Bloomfield W Cessnock & Catholic parish** Local History 1826-1954, religion
512 Blainey, G. Scissors & paste in LocalHis Local History  
514 Bates …Urban,Country Towns Local History  
515 Callen T Maritime Hist Newcastle Local History  
525 Singleton Argus Irish Immigrants* Local History Merah, Glass
529 Campbell, R. NSW&Gloucester Journal Local History JRAHS; 1797
530 Gray Nancy Hist. map of Scone area Local History  
531 HistSociety Brief hist of Scone Local History  
532 Lobsey I Hist of Emmaville Local History Family History
533 NDHS History of Minimi** Local History Brown
534 McDonald Singleton Conservation Study Local History  
535 White J. S. Postal Hist NSW Local History 1788-1901,Darlington,John Browne
536 Elkin, A.P. The Diocese of Newcastle Local History religion
537 Treserve GeorgeSt. Heritage Study Local History Singleton
541 McEwen E Newcastle CoalMining Local History census
542 Turner, J. Photos of Old Newcastle Local History  
543 Windross Hist. Records of Newcastle Local History mining,shipping
544 Parkes D Social Analysis Newcastle Local History class
545 Galvin J Non British Immig to Newcastle. Local History immigration
546 Newcastle Morning Herald Photos of Old newcastle Local History  
591 Family HistorySociety Headstone Inscriptions Local History cemetries
594 McGee, J. Two and half Convicts** Local History Singleton
595 Singleton Council Centenary. 1866- 1966 Local History Singleton
596 Singleton Council Municapility&Shire 1861-1991** Local History Singleton
597 Singleton Council Echoes & Images** Local History Singleton
598 Family HistorySociety Pioneer register Local History Singleton
599 Dowd et al Harlequin of the Hunter Local History Singleton
600 Torr The Singletons** Local History Benjamin Singleton
601 Whitelaw History of Singleton** Local History 4
603 Wellington Shire Wellington Information Book Local History  
663 Maxwell Written in Gold** Local History Gulgong
673 Parkes, W. Historical Tours of Cessnock** Local History  
674 Local History Coordination Project Locating Aust Past Local History  
676 IDHS Historical Mazines Local History Inverell
677 Anon Dubbo Inform Book** Local History  
678 Hornage W Old Dubbo Gaol** Local History convicts
679 Coalfield Heritage Newcastle Cemetery Local History notes,Wallsend
681 Singleton Argus Singleton Hotels* Local History  
682 Anon Desc of Wallsend & Plattsburg Local History 1900,names
683 Coffey Bilio of Hunter Region Local History HVRF
685 Newcastle Morning Herald Lake Macquarie Local History  
687 Maitland Mercury re Catholic Church Local History Singleton
688 Robinson R Hist Anglican Church 1839- 1989** Local History Singleton
756 na Municapility of Wallsend. Jubilee Celebrations. 18 Local History  
757 na Back to Wallsend Week. 1935 * Local History  
758 na Wallsend Public School Centenary. 1862 – 1962.* Local History  
761 Newcastle Library Wallsend and Platsburg Local history  
762 Noble, L. The Glennies Creek Story ** Local history Singleton
763 Lands Department Bendemeer. Town Plan. Local history envelope
764 Callaghan, T. Photos- Singleton Buildings,Churches, Queen St. ce Local history Singleton
765 Electoral Roll Patrick’s Plains, Electoral District Roll. 1871-72 Local History  
767 Bailliere Post Office Directory, Jerrys Plains. 1967 Local History  
767 Bailliere Post Office Directory, Singleton. 1967 Local History  
767 Electoral Roll Electoral Roll & Ratepayers. Shire of Patricks Pla Local History  
767 Parliamentary Papers Leaseholder of Crown Land Patricks Plains. 1873/74 Local History  
767 Sands Patricks Plains Land District Directory. 1884 Local History  
769 Inverell Hist. Society Mazines of the Inverell Historical Society. Local History *
776 Wells, H.W. Geographical Dictionary…of NSW…1844 Local History *extracts and maps
790 Miscell. Town Walks Local History  
903 Walker R. B. Old New England Local History  

Callaghan Library Index

Callaghan Library Index
RefNo Author Title Subject KeyWords
886 Scobie, J. Michael Scobie Maitland in Journal of HV History
776 Jansen, A. County & Parish Maps of NSW Maps singleton
747 Heaton, B. Rabbit,M. Science, Sussess & Soirees Mechanics Institute Newcastle
788 McEwen, E, The Newcastle Coal Mining District of NSW.1860 – 1 Mechanics Institute *
412 Tamworth Family History Society British Army in Australia Miltary  
415 McCarthy, J. Aust & Imperial defence Miltary 1918-39
875 Stanley. P. The 80th Regiment in NSW in 1838 Miltary Push from Bush No.11
899 Bean, C.E.W. The Story of Anzac Miltary  
883 Turner, John Newcastle Miners & Master & Servant Act 1830-1862 Miners Labour History 1969
614 Newcastle Morning Herald Coal Mining at Wallsend Mining Platsburg, 1889
615 Dingsday CoalMining Indust Relations Mining early history
616 Ellis M A Saga of Coal Mining Singleton
617 Hannan J Coal & Society Mining  
618 Turner, J. AA Company & Coal Mining Mining RAHS Dec 1972
619 Thomas P A History of Miner’s Federation Mining  
620 Colonial Government Goldfields Management Act Mining 1853
622 Newcastle Morning Herald Green Point Coal Barons Mining Threlkeld
857 RAHS 37 …Gold Discoveries in Australia in the 1850’s Mining gold
861 Walker, Alan Coaltown. A Social Survey of Cessnock Mining coal
862 Hannan, Frank Gold Minerals & Gemstones Localities in NSW Mining  
900 Blayney The Rush That Never Ended Mining gold
902 Gollan R. Coalminers of NSW Mining coal
910 Dept Of Mines Prospector’s Guide NSW Mining  
912 Child, John Australian Rocks & Minerals mining basic
913 Withycombe The Oxford Dictionay of English Christain Names Names  
922 Grenham J. Irish Family Names Names  
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39 Ashm-Bartlett Gallipoli Landing 1915 Nationalism Anzac
40 Searle G. The Digger & Aust Nationalism Nationalism  
57 Inglis, K. K The Aust War Memorial Nationalism  
127 Callaghan, T. Aust Loyal to UK 1890-1914 Nationalism Boer War
139 Inglis, K. K WarMemorials Aust & NZ Nationalism  
439 Adam-Smith, P. The Anzacs Nationalism  
744 Serle, G. The Digger Tradition & Australian Nationalism* Nationalism war
413 BHP History of BHP Newcastle 1901-75
723 Turner, J. History of Newcastle Newcastle  
809 Jones, G. Newcastle First Water Supply Newcastle **
906 Windross J. Federal Directory of Newcastle 1901 Newcastle  
307 Mackay, George Scottish Place Names Place Names Sotland
312 Flanagan, D. Irish Place Names Place Names  
344 Martin, A.E. Place names NSW Place Names  
345 Atchison J Place Names North. NSW. Place Names  
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347 Government Gazette Towns & Railway Stations in NSW. 1882 Place Names  
347 Irish C Railway Stations NSW Place Names  
348 Room A English Place Names** Place Names  
356 Mills, A.D. Oxford Dict. Of English Place Names Place Names  
357 Cameron, K. English Place Names Place Names  
358 O’Connell J Meaning of Irish Place Names Place Names  
389 Tamworth Family History Society Names of Sydney Streets Place Names  
390 Tamworth Family History Society Names of English Counties. Place Names  
391 Kay Donald Exploring The Golden West Place Names touring
462 J Kay Donald Exploring the Hunter Region Place Names  
513 Newcastle Morning Herald Names Newcastle Place Names  
684 Walker Aust Roadside Inns Place Names 1921
766 Reed, A.W. Aboriginal Place Names Place Names  
773 Newcastle Library Hunter Valley Place Names Place Names  
791 Britannia Toponymy – the study of place names. Place Names *
857 RAHS 84 making in early NSW Place names  
877 Blake, L. Place Names of Victoria Place Names  
894 Reed. A.W. Place names of NSW Place names  
901 Reed A. W. Place Names of Australia Place names  
907 Jervis, J. Development of Place Names in New South Wales Place Names JRAHS v29 1938
921 anon Whats in a Name Place Names  
923 Wells W. H. Gepgraphical Dictionary …Australian Colonies 1848 Place Names  
925 Taylor Geography of NSW 1914 Place names  
829 Meyer, W.J. NSW Directory 1867-68 PO Directory  
90 Bruce S. Men money and markets Politicial History  
91 Graham B. Country Party-Bruce Page ministry Politicial History Hughes
136 Smith B. Conscription Plebiscities 1916-17 Politicial History Hughes
137 Federal Government Conscript Referendum 1916,17 Politicial History Hughes
138 Osborne, M. WM Hughes & Conscription Politicial History Hughes
177 Young I. Jack Lang & the Depresion Politicial History economy
178 Spenceley J. Equality of Sacrifice Politicial History economy
180 Mitchell P ‘Aust Patriots’ 1932 Politicial History depression
385 Brett J Menzies Forgotten People Politicial History middle class
386 Dickey, B. Social security for middle class Politicial History Menzies
387 Whitington D Menzies Politicial History  
388 Sydney Morning Herald Menzies Politicial History  
405 Campbell, C. Liberalism in Aust History Politicial History 1880-1920
461 Spartalis Billy Hughes Politicial History  
488 Edwards P Labor to Power Politicial History Menzies
489 McKinlay Labor policy speech Politicial History Whitlam
494 Sydney Morning Herald Jack Lang & the Labor Party Politicial History 1932
495 Sydney Morning Herald Election 10 June 1832 Politicial History  
496 Ward R End of the Ice Age Politicial History 1972
497 Lang J Election Statements 1932 Politicial History  
632 Andrews E Aust Govt & Apeasement 1939 Politicial History Menzies
662 Macarthy Labor and living wage 1890 Politicial History  
709 A.D.B. William Spence * Politicial History trade union
709 A.D.B. P.J.Brennan Politicial History class,trade unions.
837 Reese T Aust in 20th Century Politicial History  
857 RAHS 37 W.M.Hughes in NSW Politics Politics  
874 Dickey, Brian Politics in NSW 1856 – 1900 Politics  
879 Morrell, W.P. The Great Powers in the Pacific Politics  
610 Osborne, M. Conscription & Hughes Poltics British
335 Callaghan, T. Anti Chinese Racism in Aust. Racism  
556 Cole D Ethnic ideas Aust 1870 Racism white australia
557 Connolly, C.N. Racism & Aust Work class Racism his155
558 Connolly, C.N. Miners Rights Racism his155,mining
559 Corris Racism.The Aust Experience Racism  
560 Graham The NMH & Chinese Question Racism  
561 Price The Great White Walls … Racism  
562 Sydney Morning Herald re Chinese 1861 Racism his155
563 Willard Hist Of White Aust Policy Racism chinese
564 Yarwood Asian Migration to Aust Racism  
565 Yarwood Attitudes to Non Europe migration Racism  
566 Selth Lambing Flats riots Racism chinese, mining
567 Morgan, R. White Aust Policy Racism  
403 Carr E What is History Reference  
406 Clark M. Sources in Aust History 1788 – 1850 Reference 1969
408 Hogan&Yarwood Index to Articles on Aust Hist Reference  
438 Reber A Dictionary of Psychology Reference  
440 Tholfsen T Historical Thinking Reference  
442 Brampton History Teaching Atlas Reference  
484 Twinning A Dict.Trades & Occupations Reference  
583 Cohen Penguin Dict Quotations Reference  
584 Moore Penguin Dict Geography Reference  
585 Abercromie Penguin Dict Biology Reference  
586 Palmer Penguin Dict Modern History Reference 1789-1945
680 HVRFoundation List of Publications Reference  
225 Clark, M. Sources in Australian History 1851 – 1900 References  
484 Olive Glossary of Diseases References  
849 Crowley, F.K. Modern Australia in Documents. 1901 – 1939 References  
850 Crowley, F.K. Modern Australia in Documents. 1939 – 1970 References  
893 Ward, R. Select Documents in Aust History 1788- 1850 References  
34 Woolmington, J. Miss.Attitudes Abor Children 1850 Religion aborigines
44 Encarta re Forms of Crosses* Religion symbols
99 Campion, E.. Australian Catholics Religion irish
100 Clarke F. Labour Cath. Social Studies 1950’s Religion education
101 Kiernan T. The Irish Exiles inAustralia Religion Irish
102 Clark M. A History of Australia Religion Irish
134 Government Gazette Bill for allocation of State Revenue 1838 Religion  
169 Anon Armidale Churches Religion architec.
172 Morgan, R. David Livingstone Religion africa
241 Cambridge History Anglicanism Religion  
244 Cambridge History Presbertains Religion  
245 Cambridge History Baptists & Quakers Religion  
468 Yelland The Actor is a Bishop Religion mining
469 Atkinson, A. …Kingdom Come Religion  
520 O’Farrel. P. The Catholic Church and Community in Australia Religion  
635 Wheatley C The Book Of Common Prayer Religion marriage
636 White B The Particular Baptists Religion Hampshire 1600
639 Woolmington, J. Religion in Early Australia Religion convicts
640 Colonial Government Stastics re Religion Religion 1891, Hunter
721 Campion, E.. Rockchoppers Religion Catholic
771 Campbell, Rev. H. Diocese of Maitland. 1866 – 1966. Religion  
797 O’Brien, John The Men of ’38. Religion  
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909 Sternbeck, M. The Catholic Church in Singleton Religion  
914 Duffy, Father C. The Discovery of Gold and the Catholic Church religion, nuns, J Aust Cath Hist Soc 1960
915 Campbell H. Deal Lynch & Maitland Diocese religion; J Aust Cath Hist Soc 1971
916 Cashman G. M. A Catholic Who’s Who from 1788 to Polding religion; J Aust Cath Hist Soc 1977
917 McNally, N. The Men of ’98 religion; J Aust Cath Hist Soc 1969
128 Nicholson, I. Log of Logs Shipping  
6 Fink,E. The Built Environment Singleton Singleton Singleton
61 Sinclair M. Sacred Places Singleton Religion, Mercy nuns.
125 Singleton Council Back to Singleton 1926 Singleton Singleton
126 Callaghan, T. St Patricks Church Singleton Singleton Singleton
131 Callaghan, T. St Patricks Church Singleton Singleton Church
140 McLaughlin Singleton Singleton residents
153 Sternbeck M Catholic Church in Singleton Singleton religion
154 Singleton Historical Society ‘Singleton’ Howe it started & grew.** Singleton  
167 Callaghan, T. Norman Brown & H.Waddell Singleton Singleton
382 Government Gazette Re appointments to Police etc Singleton 1838
383 Government Gazette Re appointments as Justice of Peace Singleton 1838
384 Government Gazette Re Unclaimed Property Patrick’s Plains Singleton 1841, Horn
476 Government Gazette Re Meeting of Justice of Peace Patricks Plains-184 Singleton Bailey, CPS
487 Government Gazette Re Public Auction Ben Singleton, 1841 Singleton  
492 Government Gazette Re Change to Post Town of Singleton 1841 Singleton  
507 Government Gazette Re Church Lands Whittingham Singleton  
602 Clayworth, D. A History of All Saints’** Singleton Dangar
604 Government Gazette Re removal of pound, 1841 Singleton  
621 Government Gazette Re Unclaimed Property Patrick’s Plains 1838 Singleton William Cooke
631 Government Gazette Re ‘stolen’ property Patrick plains 1838 Singleton Levy, Myers, Forbes
634 Government Gazette Re Licenses for stock depasturing, 1837 Singleton Benjamin Singleton
645 Government Gazette Re Post Office 1837 Singleton Jones, Glennie
646 Government Gazette Re escaped convict James Sheehan 1837 Singleton Lethbridge
668 Newcastle Morning Herald All Saints Church, Singleton – 1978 article Singleton All Saints
669 Newcastle Morning Herald All Saints Church, Singleton – 1913 article Singleton All Saints
670 Maitland Mercury Re Catholic Church. 1845 Singleton St. Patricks
700 Colonial Government Leg.Council 1885 Singleton Landholders
705 Anon Almanac 1880 Singleton descr
706 Armidale Express re Singleton 1856 Singleton descr
708 Singleton Argus Centenary Singleton Public School 1958 Singleton education
717 Anon re Singleton Singleton Houses
718 Anon re Singleton Singleton  
726 Anon First Years…Municapility of Singleton 1866 Singleton re first council
727 Anon re Singleton Buildings Singleton  
728 Singleton Argus re War Memorial, Burdekin Park. 1925* Singleton  
729 Singleton Argus re War Memorial, Burdekin Park. 1925* Singleton  
730 Newcastle Morning Herald re All Saint’s Rectory. * Singleton  
731 Singleton Argus re John Browne – Obituary* Singleton  
732 Hunter Valley News re ‘Geraldine’ & ‘Flowerbank’* Singleton houses
733 Singleton Argus re Catholic Cemetery. 1889* Singleton  
734 Lower Hunter Pictorial re Royal Hotel; Hewitt;* Singleton  
735 Anon re Convent of Mercy; Buildings, Chapel.* Singleton religion
736 Morrison, W. re W. Hotspur Percy; Percy Hotel.* Singleton  
737 Anon re St. Patrick’s Church restoration.* Singleton religion
770 Singleton Argus Centenary Issue of Argus. 1874 – 1974 Singleton *
774 Mackenzie, H.M. Among the Pastoralists Singleton *from Mait Mercury 1866
775 McFarlane, R. Squatting and the Development of the Hunter River Singleton *NHDHS
779 Anon Singleton Town Walk 1970 Singleton *
782 Whatham, D. Mitchells Flat School Singleton * education
783 Beindeich, K. Beindeich Family History Singleton  
784 Callaghan, T. Residents of Rix’s Creek. Singleton *
785 Tickle, R. Biographical Register of Muswellbrook Singleton  
786 Miscellaneous Re: Queen St., cemetery – titles etc. Singleton *
789 Singleton Times Inquest. Death of George Reitz. 28 Oct 1865. Singleton *
792 The Australian Re: Singleton in 1827 Singleton * Ben Singleton.
793 Maiden, H.E. The History of Local Government in NSW. Singleton *
795 Turner, J. Who was Who in Hunter Valley Towns in 1888 Singleton  
799 Simpson, I.M. Pioneers of a Great Valley Singleton *extracts
802 Waddell, J. A History of St Peters Church East Maitland Singleton * Rushden
803 McCotter et al Regional European History of the Hunter Valley Singleton * good article
805 Dangar, E.M. William Dangar of Turanville Singleton **
806 Gray, Nancy Thomas Cook of Turanville Singleton **
810 Raymond, J. Post Office Directory 1832 Singleton  
811 Government Gazette petition for incorporation of South Singleton, 20 Mar. 1884 Singleton  
812 Government Gazette petition for incorporation of Singleton, 29 April, 1864 Singleton  
813 Government Gazette petition against incorporation of Singleton, 12 July 1864. Singleton  
814 Government Gazette Timber and Other Licenses, 23 July 1880 Singleton  
815 Singleton Times List of donors to ‘Distressed Operatives’ appeal. Singleton 16 Aug 1862.
816 Freeman Journal List of donors to ‘St. Mary Cathedral’ appeal. 24 March 1866. Singleton catholics
817 Maitland Mercury List of donors to ‘Catholic Church’ appeal. 16 Aug. 1859. Singleton catholics
818 Guilford, E. List of HV residents depart to California Goldfield 1849 -51 Singleton  
819 Cessnock Hist Soc. Inquests for Wollombi & District 1840 – 1901. Singleton  
834 Dept of Education Warkworth Public School Singleton history
855 SHSociety Bush Schools Patricks Plains Singleton  
868 Government Gazette Re Ben Singleton & debtors Singleton  

Callaghan Library Index

Callaghan Library Index
RefNo Author Title Subject KeyWords
104 Federal Government Aust Year Book 1984 Social History  
110 Rolls E. Soujourners Social History Chinese, racism
111 Callaghan, T. Working Class in England 1837 Social History class
112 Corfield P. Class.18th Century Britain Social History class
113 Connell et al Class…in Aust History Social History class
114 Callaghan, T. Aust WW 1& Class Divisions Social History class
115 Fenshaw R Lovers Social History class, women
116 Gollan R. Radical& Work.Class 1850-1910 Social History class
117 McCord N A Touch of Class, 1800 Social History class
118 Neale, R. History & Class Social History Briggs
119 Malcolmson, R. Recreations-Engl.Society 1700-1850 Social History class
120 Rickard J Class and Politics Social History colonial
121 Townsend, N. Cedar cutters…1848 Social History class
181 Bland F. ‘Unemployment relief June 1934’ Social History depression
211 Colonial Government Census of 1861 & 1891-extracts Social History nationality
212 Rubinstein B Top Wealth Holders 1830-1844 Social History wealth
215 Leslie P. The Letters of Same, 1834-35 Social History  
216 Lowe R. The Song of the Squatter Social History  
219 Boyce B. Letters from Same, 1842-6 Social History austhist
220 Braize F Foundations of Fortune Social History Wealth
221 Broadribb W. Recollections of a Aust Squatter Social History  
222 Rolls E. Soujourners Social History Chinese
223 Oppenheimer J Survey & Settlement NSW 1825-36 Social History  
224 White R Bohemians and the Bush Social History artists
240 Fitzpatrick B The Great Strikes and Lockouts Social History economy
392 Callaghan, T. Australia & World War 2 Social History women
393 Barrett J Living in Australia Social History women
394 Curtin J Look To Amercia message Social History women
395 Bridge C Origns of Pacific War Social History Casey
397 Edwards P 1941-Turning point in Foreign Policy Social History war
398 Robertson J Australian at War Social History second world war,Curtin
399 Neale, R. Meeting to discuss Defence Social History Sinagpore
441 Davies et al Aust. Society Social History  
798 Thompson E.P Making of the English Work Class Social History class
490 McCarthy P Labor & the living wage Social History. 1890-1910
129 Wright Mills The Sociological Imagination Sociology  
425 Worsley Sociology Sociology  
426 Cuff E Sociology Sociology  
427 Haramblos M Sociology Sociology  
574 Ashboldt Mass Media Sociology  
575 Edgar Intro to Aust Society Sociology  
576 Windschutle Fixing the News Sociology  
577 Williams Mass Media Sociology  
578 Western The Media Sociology  
579 Morley Industrial Conflict& media Sociology  
665 Hood On Telvision Sociology  
336 Callaghan, T. Cecil Rhodes South Africa colonialism
568 Galbraith Cecil Rhodes South Africa  
569 Galbraith British South Africa Company South Africa  
570 Chapman Rhodes & City of London South Africa Imperialism
571 Flint ChronologicalBiographyRhodes South Africa  
573 Langford The Jameson Raid South Africa Rhodes
417 Mandle W Cricket-AustNationalism19C. Sport Sport
609 Cashman Sport in History Sport  
363 Lower M Dictionary of Surnames Surnames  
722 Cottle,B. Penguin Dictionary of Surnames Surnames  
44 Callaghan, T. Notes re Graveyard Symbols * Symbols  
44 Gazis, J. Cemetery Symbolism Symbols religion
891 Jones, W.R. Minerals in Industry Technology  
892 Alexander, W. Metals in the Service of Man Technology  
897 Kranzberg, M. Technology in Western Civilization Vol 1 Technology  
703 Clarke et al 1000 Days Out UK Travel  
3 Kitson Clark The Making of Victorian England Victorian History Victorian
200 Scholch A English Occupation Egypt 1882 Victorian History Egypt
201 Callaghan, T. British Occupation Egypt 1882 Victorian History Egypt
751 Morris, J. Heaven’s Command Victorian History  
752 Morris, J. Pax Britannica Victorian History  
753 Morris, J. Farewell The Trumpets Victorian History  
839 Rule J Labour.Class, Eng, 1750-1850 Victorian History economic
884 Goold, W.J. Wallsend Wallsend NHDHS June 1853, hotel;
742 Hernon,F. Australia Remembers** War  
904 Dial D. The March of the Wallabies war  
285 Dixson, M. The Real Matilda. Woman…In Australia 1788 – 1975 Woman woman
103 McKernan M Aust Women at War 1914-18 Women German
396 Beaton L Women at Work W.War II Women war
430 Tilly et al Women’s Work Fertility Women sexual behav.
431 Scott D Women Suffrage Aust Women 19thCent
623 Fairchilds Female Sexual Attitudes Women France
624 Kussmaul, A. Seasonality of marriage Women England 1700
625 Anon Poor Mary Ann Women 1885, marriage
626 Sydney Morning Herald re Legalising of Divorce Women 1870, his155
627 Aveling M She only marriaged to be free Women convicts
628 Wilson S Language & Ritual in marriage Women  
629 Byrne P Women&Criminal Law 1810-21 Women convicts
630 Fischer S Women & Workforce 1870-90 Women convicts
908 Golder, H. Divorce in 19th Century NSW Women  
404 Becker, C. Modern History World History  
459 Shaw Modern World history



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