Singleton & Patricks Plains

I maintain extensive data bases and resources for the Singleton and Patrick’s plains area of New South Wales.

Note! Also refer to my historical notes for background information regarding Singleton


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8 thoughts on “Singleton & Patricks Plains

  1. All you need to do is to obtain the marriage certificate as the information on it would have been supplied by the bride.

  2. I was looking at the photos of the Singleton Family and there are Photos which I have at home. These are framed Photos which belonged to my mother. These are photos which my mother told were her photos . My mother was a Churchland is there any connection

    • Hi, What is the question? Connection between who? Note I do not normally reply to anonymous requests.

  3. My email is If you email me there i can send you pictures of New Freugh homestead/house, and maps of how to find New Freugh Lane (only apparently recently signposted by council and other info. our Elizabeth was apparently born Elizabeth Smith in 1833. he house is apparently in Ruin and my uncle was hoping to go there soon after contacting present owners and occupants of the property. Linda

  4. My G-g-g grandparents were Elizabeth Demeur (nee Smith [then Dark then Demeur]) and Theodore Demeur married 27 years who had 7 children & lived on New Freugh about 1870 -1880. June @ Singleton Museum & Historic Society has photos and Info about New Freugh. We visited New Freugh Lane a fortnight ago and ruins of house visible on Satellite/Google

    • Thankyou for the reply. I will be visiting Singleton soon to have a look. James and Eliza ( Bryans before marriage from Armagh, Ireland ) both had 9 children.

      The children are ( in order of birth ):
      James Ernest 1855
      William Thomas 1856
      Mary Jane 1858
      Alfred Charles 1859
      Caroline 1860
      Anne 1861
      Thomas 1863
      Agnes 1865
      Henry Edward 1867

      Any help is greatly appreciated, thankyou.

  5. Hi,
    I am hoping someone can help me with some information and/or photographs. of some of my relatives. Their names are James Smith and Eliza Smith, they worked on the farm "New Freugh" near Singleton in 1859 when it was owned by J.S.C. McDougall .

    James worked as a shepherd. He and Eliza had 9 children. Two were born on "New Freugh", one in 1859, the other in 1860. Someone would remember this, surely, its a worthy event if they were there. All the other children were around the same age .

    I would appreciate any help, or information on this family you have. Thankyou


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