‘I keep six honest serving-men

(They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who.’

‘The Elephants Child’ Rudyard Kipling

The basic tenets in any research

Research Guidelines .

I am pleased to help those researching their ancestry.

I assume that you have researched the relevant birth death and marriages indexes which are freely available. Whilst I have these for all states as well as the United Kingdom I don’t usually look up these if you ask me to search my holdings. If this is not the case please say so and I will do so.

The resources to date consist of over 900,000 entries. Some of these have been digitised and of those approximately 56,000 are available to purchase on CDs. Others have been made available on line for researchers.

Follow this  link to see what resources I hold.

Others whilst digitised have not been published on CD but can be searched by myself and are available for ‘look ups’ but the majority by far are not arranged in alphabetical order of surname, this is particular the case for land records, so ‘look ups’ can be time consuming.

For information on how to request a look up see here.

You should be aware:-

  • that a upfront charge has now been added. See  here  for more details
  •  that the time taken for research is the same whether entries are found or not.
  • that digital searches will return names that you may not be yours. For example a search for Smiths will find all the Smiths that I have in my holdings. ( At last count there were 1157 entries for Smith!)
  • My interest is that of a social historian and I am to put some foliage on the tree. So where possible I will include background material or possibly references to place, properties or event. You may not want this material or may have already have it.

If you wish me to carry out some research / look ups please contact at



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  1. Hi i hope you can help me... William Boyce/Boys he arrived in Sydney on ship Tottenham, his calling brickmaker on the 28 April 1826 he married Maria Bennett but in March 1830 William and his wife Maria was up manslaughter for the murder of Mr Baker at Parramatta Road so William Boyce/ Boys was sent to work in Patrick Plains New South Wales for Mr McDougall,; In 1831 his wife Maria Boyce (ne Bennett) had died at Moreton Bay Queensland she was shackled female convict.. William Boyce/Boys was still working for Mr McDougall but this is where he must of met his 2nd wife Agnes Sophia Mclean i cant fine anything of her i don't no if she was a convict or a free settle? do you know anyone of that name living in that area....


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