Residents of NSW 1915 – Motorists.

Residents of NSW in 1915 – Motorists.

1917 Hupmobile

1917 Hupmobile

This data base of NSW residents is somewhat out of my area of research – pre 1900, but when I discovered the book I could not resist in adding it to my databases as it may provide useful information to my readers.

It is based on the listing of all Cars and Owners for 1915. It contains 9,318 names, addresses, registration number, horse power, make of the car(s) , seating capacity and importantly the price. As well, a separate data base provides technical details such as number of cylinders, bore and stroke, cubic capacity, rear tyre diameter and gear ratios for four gears .

It also lists the 235 owners of taxis and the 297 registered owner of motor lorries.

It is also available on CD in pdf format.

So if you want to know where grandfather lived and what car he or maybe grandmother was driving, the make and horse power of the car, how many of the family it would carry, where it was manufactured and importantly in most cases how much it costs this new data base will add a new avenue for your research.

Once you know the make, model and country of manufacture you can then search for an image of the car to add to your tree. Once you know the cost you can convert it to present-day value to provide an indication of grandfather socio-economic status.

Follow this for complete list of all entries.

Additional information

This data base has been compiled from the  9,318 entries in-

“Holderness Motorist’s Guide for New South Wales. 1915. Being a complete record in numerical order of all Cars and Owners registered in New South Wales and containing much other valuable information for Motorists’

Published by Holderness Motors Ltd. Rawson Place, Sydney.

As such it is a part of my Residents of NSW Series and it contains 9,318 entries.


The original data contains the provision of the Finance Tax 1914 applicable on all motor vehicles and the amount of tax payable per horse power.

It lists the technical details eg cylinder measurements, gear ratios and in most cases the price.

There has been a number of vehicles with no details of registration or which are not listed in the Technical and Price listing. In a number of cases the price in the database is indicative only where there is no direct price available.

Where the country of manufacture was not listed I have found such using in most cases Wikipedia.

There are numerous spelling differences in place names, in particular in aboriginal place names.




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  1. What a fascinating find, many thanks for so generously sharing this, much appreciated. Alison McCallum.


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