Land – Conditional Purchasers – Runs Appaised


Return of Runs Appraised in 1870 and 1871

The Crown Lands Occupation Act replaced the previous classification of land and divided the country into First Class Settled District (formerly Settled Districts) Second Class Settled Districts (formerly Intermediate Districts) and Unsettled Districts.

Small farms were then available to be ‘conditionally purchased’ and the blocks were known as ‘CP’ or ‘Conditional Purchase’ blocks.

Those purchasing these blocks were required to effect improvements at £1 per acre, reside on the land and occupy the land for three years.

These runs or ‘conditional purchased’ blocks were appaised by the government (GA) and the nature and value of improvements recorded.

In 1870 and 1871 the ‘Return of Runs Appraised’ were tabled in parliament.

The returns noted the following details:-

District,name of Run, name of lessee, new rent, old rent, increase, decrease, appraised by, number of acres alienated or otherwise reserved from pastoral lease and lastly the nature and value of the improvements.

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