Example of information contained in 1865 Return of Pastoral Rental for First & Second Class & Unsettled Districts..- not digitised

Example of information contained in 1865 Return of Pastoral Rental for First & Second Class & Unsettled Districts.. Approx. 4000 entries.

Landholders 1865-66

Some of the Names ‘B’

Note! This list is not complete-

The actual list provides the name of the district, the estimated area of the run, the annual rental, the assessment, the date of commencement and term of the present tenure

and the Appraised rental.

If you require information about a particular entry whether listed here or not  contact me  txcallaghan@gmail.com


Landholders 1865-66
Bagnall W. P. Coolah
Bagot J.C. Millioncowla
Bagot C.T. & J.C. llangothlan West
Bagot C.T. & J.C. Burrawondool
Bagot C.T. & J.C. llangothlan East
Bagot C.T. & J.C. Cambo Cambo
Bagot C.T. & J.C. Towndey
Bagot C.T. & Bagot C. Mongerorroo
Bald G. T. Alma
Bald G. T. Coonbaralla
Bald G.T. Kars
Bald G.T. Silestria
Bald G. T. Balaklava
Baldwin O. Dinnawarindi
Baldwin Otto Mungie Bundie
Bank N.S.Wales Hardon
Bank N.S.Wales Stonehenge
Bank of NSW Gundagai
Bank of NSW Callyn or Umbry
Bank of NSW Yarronah
Bank of NSW Kymo
Bank of NSW Yarrawah Back Block
Barber S. Bogoloro
Barber S. Benduck
Barker John Mount Mitchell
Barry L. Bangalal
Barton R.J. Boree Nyrang
Bayley W.P. Miangallia
Beit Henry Camira
Bell Henry Calomy
Bell Henry Polly Brown Back
Bell H. Polly Brewang
Bennett R. Carlingoinggoing
Bettington J. H. Wallonal
Bettington J.H. Tycannah
Bigge F.W. & Palgrave B. Bundinbarrina
Bigge F.W. & Palgrave B. Collareenbie
Binny John Glen Elgin
Bishop James Bullodaran
Bishop C., Foley E., Miers S., & M&C Bishop Cullengally
Bishop, Foly & Meire Colli
Blackman W.R. Gidginbilla
Blackman S.A. Gungalma
Blackman W.R. Bulgah
Blackman W.R. Balarora
Blackman John Neugal
Blackman W.R. Combogolong
Blackman W.R. Coeyal Warroli
Blackman S.A. Pier Pier
Blackstone J. New Tourable
Blackwood J. & R. Clare A
Blackwood J. & R. Clare B
Blackwood J. & R. Clare C
Blackwood J. & R. Clare A North
Blackwood J. & R. Clare B North
Blake Andrew Meliallina
Blake Andrew Goorable
Blake Andrew Yagobi
Blake Andrew Mosquito Creek
Blake Andrew Argowan Plains
Blakemore John Yarrow Creek
Blakemore John Cobra
Blaxland & Cooper Nuandle
Blaxland C. & Cooper J. Toryburn
Blaxland C. & T. Cooper Beverley
Bloxham Edward John North Darling Back Run No 8
Bloxham H.D. Gongolgan No 2
Bloxham H.D. Gongolgan No 1
Bloxham H.D. Polo
Bloxham H.D. Boura
Bloxham E.J. North Darling Back Run No 4
Bloxham Edward John North Darling Back Run No 7
Bloxham E.J. North Darling Back Run No 2
Bloxham H.D. Aripilis
Bloxham E.J. Talowla
Bloxham H.D. Boyong
Bloxham E.J. West Barrona No 2
Bloxham H.D. Pera
Bloxham Harry Drax Dunlop South-west
Bloxham H.D. Back Aripilis
Bloxham H.D. Toorale
Bloxham H.D. Mere
Bloxham H.D. Back Polo
Bloxham E.J. North Darling Back Run No 1
Bloxham E.J. North Darling Back Run No 5
Bloxham Edward John Dunlop Outer Nort West No 3
Bloxham H.D. Back Boyong
Bloxham E.J. North Darling Back Run No 3
Bloxham H.D. Perka
Bloxham Edward John Perra back
Bloxham Harry Drax Dunlop North-west
Bloxsome O. Whitmore
Bloxsome O. Yarrowford
Bloxsome O. Dundee
Bloxsome O. Ranger’s Valley
Boland Thomas Bald Hill
Booth C. Wongagong
Bootle Francis Bumbleberria
Borthwick T. P. Menedebrie
Borthwick Anne Auburn Vale
Borthwick W. junr. & C. Bull Big River Station
Bossley & Burdekin Atunga
Boulton, E.B. & Bell,D. Jeogla
Boulton, E.B. & D.Bell Bergen-op-Zoom
Bourke B. Whittwhittal or Adicumbene
Bowman G. Terry Hie Hie
Bowman G. Aitkin’s Flat
Bowman G. Maidenhead
Bowman G. Gurrygedah
Boyle G. & T. Gibbican
Brebner G.H.G. Toorookoo
Briggs C.W. & F.B. Sherwood
Britton T., W., P., & C. Bogewon
Britton Thomas Bogenong Western Back
Britton Thomas Bogenong East Back
Broadbent E. Banga
Broadbent E. Manwanga
Brocklehurst W.W. & E. Burway
Brocklehurst W.W. & E. Emogandry
Brocklehurst W.W. Mullingrundry
Brocklehurst W.W. & E. Kent
Brocklehurst W.W. & E. Sussex
Brocklehurst W.W. & E. Toloora
Brocklehurst W.W. & E. Guninga
Brocklehurst W.W. Upper Buggabudda
Brodribb W.A. Darling Block D
Brown Joseph Marengo
Brown Charles Kootooloomondoo North
Brown A. Dubbo
Brown A. Cuttabullah
Brown Mr. A. Beery
Brown A. Mogy Melon
Brown Andrew Jamderburn
Brown A. Toolaman Flats
Brown Andrew Tooraweanah
Brown A. Broken Plains
Brown John Coppymurrambil
Brown A. Cawell
Brown Andrew Caigan
Brown Charles Nungo
Brown Charles Weimbutta
Brown John Bunna Bunna Back Block No 1.
Brown John Bunna Bunna Back Block No 2
Brown John Yarranbar
Brown John Brigalow
Brown Andrew Zeariman
Brown John Bugobilla
Browne John Pullaming
Browne John Millie South
Brownlow R. Marthaagy
Bruce J.V.A. Bruce’s Plains No 1
Bruce J.V.A. Bruce’s Plains No 2
Bruce J.V.A. Bruce’s Plains No 3
Buchanan W.F. Warrana
Buchanan W. Tara
Bucknel C.W. & A.W. Munger Back Block No 2
Bucknel C.W. & A.W. Munger Back Block No 1
Bucknell C. W. Nowley East
Bucknell F.N. Gurrotha
Bucknell A.W., C.W., & F.N. South Werrit
Bucknell A.W., C.W., & F.N. Goratha West
Bucknell C. W. Nowley West
Bucknell W.W. Gingham
Bucknell W.W. & W. West Gingham
Bucknell C.W. & A.W. Boorara
Bucknell C.W. Mungyer
Bucknell C.W., F.N., & A. W. Pialy
Bucknell C.W. Doorobeeba
Bucknell C. W. New Bulycori
Bucknell C.W. Burrilda
Bucknell Bros. Direlmanildy
Bucknell Bros. Derriman
Bucknell Bros. Caranga
Budd Grace Hyandra East
Bundock W.C. Wiangaree
Bundock W.C. Keelgrah
Bundock W.C. Wiangaree West
Bundock, A.F., Barnes, H., Smith T.H. Strathedon
Bundock, A.F., Barnes, H., Smith T.H. Gordon Brook
Bundock, Barnes & Smith Donne Mountain
Bundock, Barnes & Smith Tempe
Bundock, Barnes & Smith Dryaaba
Button Chas. Burran East
Button Chas. Burran South
Button C. Dealwarraldi
Button Chas. Burran
Byrne C. J. Wadbiliga
Byrne Thomas Carlanga




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My work aims to provide information enabling the researcher to add foliage to the family tree and move from the ‘womb to tomb’ , ‘cradle to grave’ approaches of some.

Serious researchers realise that it is not enough to regurgitate, born here ,died and wed there and boast how many names they have found and how far in the past they can trace.

Details such as occupation, address or residence , salary, land ownership, licenses etc provide a picture of an individual’s life. Hopefully my various databases will assist in appreciation of the lives of our ancestors.


◊  Gosford

Residents of NSW Vol 3.  now includes some residents of Gosford. You will find the names here.


Wallsend / Plattsburg

For those interested in the Wallsend / Plattsburg area this database may be of interest.


◊  Publicans

My new data base, Residents of NSW Vol. 3 contains, to date, the names of  5,522 publicans and the names of their hotels. If this is interest to you   see here  or  contact me at txcallaghan@gmail.com for more information.


                  ◊   NSW Civil Service

The Civil Service Board of NSW was required to publish a ‘CIVIL SERVICE LIST’ containing the names of all the Officers of each Division and Class and of all other person employed by the Civil Service.

I have digitised the list for 1885, arranged the 9,344 entries in alphabetical of surname and alphabetical order by location..

The database provides surname and first names, occupation / position, the location and the division and / or class of the employee.

Notwithstanding these shortcomings the list provides a valuable research tool for those researchers wishing to progress from ‘womb to tomb’ research to one providing foliage to the family tree.

You will find the database here


◊ The passage of the ‘Squatters’ Act of 1846 – 47 replaced the system of annual tenure and gave to the pastoral industry beyond the ‘limits of location’ a fixity of tenure , albeit only for fourteen years but during that period only he could purchase the land. During the following years the Government Gazette published the names of applicants for leaseholds.

If you are interested in the names you will find  details  here on my site.  http://wp.me/P3yFOW-TR


If you wish to obtain a appreciation of  the Present Day Value (PDV) of your ancestor’s wages, salary or any other cost you may find my tabulation of the PDV of interest. Follow this link .


I have now digitised the 1913 Electoral Roll for the towns of Wallsend and Plattsburg.  A copy of this CD has been donated to the Wallsend Library. If you cant visit the library you will find the  names on the rolls here .


My latest project ‘NSW Residents . Vol. 3’ is still being added to with  45,449 entries to date. This database is progressively being sorted by surname, town or place, year and occupational grouping. You will find the links here. NSW Residents V3


 ◊ For those who are interested in the inscriptions on the Singleton Cenotaph you need to be aware that there are variations in the surnames The Cenotaph also does not include the names of all those who enlisted from the district who died.


For those who are researching Irish ancestors and the difficulty in such  I have the Griffiths valuation for the parish of Clomnany which I obtained in a visit to the Public Records Office in Belfast.


◊ Those researching the Windsor district may be interested in the names of persons who received relief, flour, sugar and tea, as a result of the 1859 floods..


◊ The extracts from the Diocese of Maitland for 1926 provide details of all the then Catholic parishes including Singleton.


I have now commenced adding the 1848 maps of the NSW Counties . As well as showing towns and streams they also show the location of stations. To date Bligh, Gloucester, Durham, Wellington, Bathurst, Camden, Bourke & Grant (Vict.) and Northumberland. More to come.


◊ Those researchers who are interested in the history of Jerry’s Plains may find this article of use.


◊ The records of the NSW Public Service for 1885 has the names of over 3000 employees. It also provides the names and the schools for teachers, pupil teachers, probationary teachers, itinerant teachers, mistress and School Attendance Officers are listed. Many of the schools have long since disappeared or closed but may be of interest for those whose ancestors were teachers. They are listed in my new database NSW Residents Vol 3.



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* Some data bases have been password protected due to parties reproducing without permission and plagiarism.  You can request the password at txcallaghan@gmail.com