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‘We shall not cease from exploration,

and the end of all our exploring

will be to arrive where we started

and know the place for the first time’.

T. S. Eliott

100 years  1914 – 1918

The web site is all about providing free or inexpensive research tools and assistance for family and local historians. Unfortunately I have had to now add a donate option  for advice  and research…..more

Many of the resources are unique in as much as that they are not readily available or easily accessed.

My work aims to provide information enabling the researcher to add foliage to the family tree and move from the ‘womb to tomb’ , ‘cradle to grave’ approaches of some.

Serious researchers realise that it is not enough to regurgitate, born here ,died and wed there and boast how many names they have found and how far in the past they can trace.

Details such as occupation, address or residence , salary, land ownership, licenses etc provide a picture of an individual’s life. Hopefully my various databases will assist in appreciation of the lives of our ancestors.

◊ The passage of the ‘Squatters’ Act of 1846 – 47 replaced the system of annual tenure and gave to the pastoral industry beyond the ‘limits of location’ a fixity of tenure , albeit only for fourteen years but during that period only he could purchase the land. During the following years the Government Gazette published the names of applicants for leasehold in the pastoral districts of Bligh, Clarence River, Darling Downs, Gwydir, Lachlan, Liverpool Plains, Lower Darling, Macleay River, Manero, Moreton Bay, Murrumbidgee, New England and Wellington.

If you are interested in the names you will find  details  here on my site.  http://wp.me/P3yFOW-TR


If you wish to obtain a appreciation of  the Present Day Value (PDV) of your ancestor’s wages, salary or any other cost you may find my tabulation of the PDV of interest. Follow this link .

I have now digitised the 1913 Electoral Roll for the towns of Wallsend and Plattsburg.  A copy of this CD has been donated to the Wallsend Library. If you cant visit the library you will find the  names on the rolls here . If you interested in the names of teachers for Wallsend and Plattsburg  follow the links. For more about education.

My latest project ‘NSW Residents . Vol. 3‘ is still being added to with over 43,000 entries to date. This database has  been sorted by town – see here for towns available to date. And in some cases  by Surname. ( A  B C(3478 names); D ( 1890 names & place names) ; E (712 names & towns) ; F  1456 names;  G (1942 names) H 3199 names; I ( 179 names ); J  with 869 names S – 3441 names L (1520 names now with place name) M with 4709 names W with 2879 names. Contact me if you are interested at txcallaghan@gmail.com

 ◊ For those who are interested in the inscriptions on the Singleton Cenotaph you need to be aware that there are variations in the surname spelling,first name and  initials between its names and that of other sources. The Cenotaph also does not include the names of all those who enlisted from the district who died. This date base contains 514 names and in some cases biographical details.

For those who are researching Irish ancestors and the difficulty in such  I have the Griffiths valuation for the parish of Clomnany which I obtained in a visit to the Public Records Office in Belfast. Looks ups are available. Given the difficulty in researching Irish ancestors, you may be interested in using the Old Age Pensions applications for help. The link will take you to my own research  , it may help you.

◊ Those researching the Windsor district may be interested in the names of persons who received relief, flour, sugar and tea, as a result of the 1859 floods. Free look ups are available.

A new entry provide  lists of orphans and their placement in 1862, 1863 and 1870. I will leave it up to the researcher to draw their own conclusions from this list.

◊ The extracts from the Diocese of Maitland for 1926 provide details of all the then Catholic parishes including Singleton.

I have now commenced adding the 1848 maps of the NSW Counties . As well as showing towns and streams they also show the location of stations. To date Bligh, Gloucester, Durham, Wellington, Bathurst, Camden, Bourke & Grant (Vict.) and Northumberland. More to come.

◊ Those researchers who are interested in the history of Jerry’s Plains may find this article of use.

◊ The records of the NSW Public Service for 1885 has the names of over 3000 employees. It also provides the names and the schools for teachers, pupil teachers, probationary teachers, itinerant teachers, mistress and School Attendance Officers are listed. Many of the schools have long since disappeared or closed but may be of interest for those whose ancestors were teachers. They are listed in my new database NSW Residents Vol 3. Follow the link for extracts from this database if your ancestors were school teachers or  who simply wish to know  who taught their grandparents. See here. For some more notes regarding education and schools- see here

Notes !

* Some data bases have been password protected due to parties reproducing without permission and plagiarism.  You can request the password at txcallaghan@gmail.com