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Exploration and Settlement

Most of these books and journals do not contain an index. The works of James Jervis, in particular, contain useful research material , describing people, properties and towns.

Campbell’s article on the Hunter Valley contains Dangar’s map and list of properties and owners.

H. Green’s thesis based on Dangar’s maps and other sources provide an extensive listing of landholders with references.

Researchers  should also see  my holdings of local histories.

I am happy to do a reasonable number of lookups for you . There is no charge for this service but a donation would be appreciated. It is up to you…more. Alternatively you might like a copy of the article. If so ask for a quotation at

Jervis, J. Lake Macquarie, Its Discovery and Settlement.  RAHS. Vol. 31 Sydney

Jervis, J. The West Darling Country: Its Exploration and Development. RAHS. Vol.
34 Part 2 Sydney 1948

Jervis, J. The West Darling Country: Its Exploration and Development.part 2 in
RAHS. Vol. 34 Part 3 . Sydney 1948

 Jervis, J.  The Rise of Newcastle. Eighty Years of its History – 1804 to 1884..  RAHS. Vol. 21 Part 3. Sydney . 1935

Jervis, J. The West Darling Country: Its Exploration and Development. (Part 3) in
RAHS. Vol. 34 Part 4 Sydney 1948

Jervis, J. Brisbane Water District: A Century of History. RAHS. Vol. 34. Part 6.
Sydney 1948.

Jervis. J. Kangaroo Valley – Some Notes on Its History. RAHS. Vol. 36. Part 2.
Sydney 1950.

Jervis, J. The Hunter Valley. A Century of Its History. RAHS. Vol. 39. Part 3. Sydney. 1953.

Jervis, J. Exploration and Settlement of theWestern Plains. RAHS. Vol. 42 Part
2 Sydney 1956

Jervis, J. Exploration and Settlement of the North-Western Plains. (Part 1)
RAHS. Vol. 48 Part 5 Sydney 1962

Jervis, J. Exploration and Settlement of the North-Western Plains. (Part 2)
RAHS. Vol. 48 Part 6 Sydney 1963

Campbell, J. F. Discovery and Early Pastoral Settlement of New England. RAHS Vol. 8. Part
5. Sydney 1922.

Campbell, J. F. The Genesis of Rural Settlement on the Hunter. RAHS. Vol. 12, Part 2. 1926.
(contains Dangar’s maps).

Campbell, J. F. Early Settlement on the Lower Nepean River – Penrith to the
Hawkesbury River. RAHS. Vol. 18 Part 5. Sydney 1932.

Green, H. J. The Pioneer Settlement of the Hunter Valley. M.A. Thesis University of Newcastle 1975.

Watson, J. H. Kempsey: Early Settlement of the Macleay River. RAHS. Vol. 7. Part 4. Sydney 1921.

Woods, W. A.  Dawn in the Valley
(Hunter Valley)

Weingarth, John. The Discovery and Settlement of the Macleay River. RAHS. Vol.
7. Part 4. Sydney 1921. (includes maps of the Macleay River)

Weingarth, John. Early Settlement of the Upper Murray. RAHS. Vol 8. Part 4.



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