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Hello , in the past ,there has been normally no charge for research or advice but now I have to add a upfront charge of $10.00 . Depending on the amount of work required a additional charge may also be asked for and credit allowed for the upfront charge.

I am sorry for this but too many ask for help , never donate and some never even have the courtesy of a ‘thank you’.

Monies received are used to purchase resources which are then used for your research.

Please note:-

  • that the time to search and find is the same time as as to search and not find.
  • that I only search for surnames. So you may find a list of names some of which are of no interest to you.

If you would like to donate use the paypal donate button


Or ask for bank details at :-

Note!  If paypal button wont work use the button on my home page, thanks.