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Resources which have been digitised ( indictated thus * ) and are nominated are available for  look ups . For information on how to request a look up see here.

If you wish me to search all my records both digitised and not the price is on application and depends on the amount of work.

Records can be searched by surname and in the case of land records by the property name.

You should be aware:-

 * that the time taken for research is the same whether entries are found or not.

* that digital searches will return names that you may not be yours. For example a search for Smiths will find all the Smiths that I have in my holdings.

* My interest is that of a social historian and I am to put some foliage on the tree. So where possible I will include background material or possibly references to place, properties or event. You may not want this material or may have already have it.

Payment is accepted by bank transfer, cash or money order or ar a last resort Paypal. Bank details on application. Email your request to txcallaghan@gmail.com.au

PS Whilst not nominated below check out my library holdings.

BDM Records 

NSW Pioneer Index   1788 – 1888 *

NSW Federation Index . 1889 – 1918 *

NSW Between the Wars  1919 – 1945 *

Victoria. Federation Index. 1889 – 1901 *

Tasmania. Pioneer Index. 1803 – 1899

South Australia. Births. 1842 – 1906 *

West Australia. Pioneer Index . 1841 – 1905 *

Australian Vital Record Index. 1788 – 1905 ( LDS) *

British Isles. Vital Record Index. 1538 to 1888 ( 5 million entries) *

British Isles. Vital Record Index. 1538 – 1906 ( approx. 12 million entries

UK National Burial Index. *

Wollombi Baptisms 1856

Wollombi Marriages 1856 – 1900

Wollombi Inquests 1840 1901

Census, Musters and Biographical Registers and some Postal Directories

1881 British Census and National Index.

1788 – 1939 Biographical Register. 8100 entries – note that these names are not included in ADB.
1788 – 1841. Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record and 1842 – 1899.

1823, 1824 and 1825. General Muster List of NSW

1828 Census  

1837 General Return of Convicts.

Postal Directories and Almanacs

Newcastle Directory and Almanac for 1880

Newcastle Directory and Almanac for 1881

Newcastle and District Directory for 1901

1881 – 1882 Sands PO Directory


1884 / 85 Sands

for the following:-

Macleay River District, Maitland District, Morre, Mudgee, Murrurundi, Newcastle, Parkes, Port Stephens, Raymond Terrace.


1889 / 1890 NSW Sands approx. 62,000 entries

1832 General Post Office Directory

1878 Sands PO for

Aberdeen, Adaminaby, Adamstown, Adelong (part only), Anvil Crreek, Appin, Appletree Flat, Araluen (part only), Ballina, Balranald, Barrangary, Barrington, Bateman’s Bay, Bega, Belford, Bell’s Creek, Bendolba (Dungog district), Bendemeer, Bergalia, Berrima, Binda, Bingera, Binnaway, Bishop’s Bridge, Black Springs, Blacktown, Blackville , Blackwall, Blandford, Blayney (part only), Boggabri, Bomadary (part only), Booral, Boro, Bourke, Bowenfields (part only), Branxton, Bridgeman, Bringelly, Broadmouth Creek, Brushgrove, Buchanan, Buckleys Crossing Place (on the Snowy River), Budgee Budgee (part only), Byng ( Orange district), Cadia, Camberwell, Cassilis’ Castle Hill, Castlereagh, Cathcart, Catherine Hill Bay, Cavan, Cessnock, Chambers Creek (Wellington District), Charcoal Creek, Charlestown, Charleyong, Chatswood Island, Chessman’s Creek, Clarence Town, Clarendon (Gundagai District), Cobar, Concord, Condobolin, Coolac, Coolah, Cooma (part only), Coonamble, Coonabarabran, Coopernook , Cooranbong, Cootamundra (part only), Cowra, Murrunundi.

1898 Country Trade Directory

1900 Wise Post Office Commercial Directory

1848 Well’s Gazetteer of the Australian Colonies published in 1848.

1863 Listing of Postmasters and Postmistress.

Landholders 1837 – 1900

see also my notes re the alienation of land

Most of these records are in alphabetical order of the names of property and arranged by land district 

1837 to 1848. Pasturage Licenses. ‘…for Depasturing stock beyond the boundaries of the Colony’. Contains over 4000 entries.
Details vary from name, residence and where applied for, station name.

1849 and 1850 ‘Disputes re boundaries of runs. names of runs , names of applicants ; 1000+ names

1850 Crown Lands beyond the Settled Districts. Runs obtained by tender .

1848 – 1850 Names of over 1500 applications for leasehold in the then pastoral districts of Bligh, Clarence River, Darling Downs, Gwydir, Lachlan, Liverpool Plains, Lower Darling, Macleay River, Maneroo, Moreton Bay, Murrumbidgee, New England and Wellington. The entries contain the following information: – name of applicant, name of the run, the pastoral district, owner(s) of adjoining runs where stated, details of the run such as acreage, carrying capacity for sheep and cattle, the location and in some cases a brief description of the run. *

1848 and 1849 . The Crown Lands Office received over 600 caveats against claims to leases of Crown land beyond the Settled Districts. The list contain applicant name, the district , the name of the run applied for and the name of the party lodging caveat against the issue of such lease. The listing provides an interesting perspective of claims and counter claims. Total of 1000 names + *

1848, 1849 and 1850 -the names of over 800 applicants for leasehold in the then Victorian pastoral districts of Bourke, Gipps, Grant, Murray, Portland Bay, Western Port and Wimmera. The entries contain the following information: – name of applicant, name of the run, the pastoral district, owner(s) of adjoining runs where stated, details of the run such as acreage, carrying capacity for sheep and cattle, the location and in some cases a brief description of the run.  more *

Landholders 1885 (aka Residents of NSW 1885 Vol. 1)This unique index provides the names of 39,856 residents of NSW in 1884/1885. It is based on the 1885 census of the occupiers of land and owners of stock in NSW. The census lists the name of the holding or locality , the name of the occupier or land owner,the police district and post town and the acreage , the number of horses, cattle, sheep and pigs. more 

1860 Crown Land Auction Sales 1 June 1860 – 30 June 1862. 11,000 entries. more

1862 Crown lands for Auction from 1 Jan 1860 to31 Dec 1861. Land < 320 acres.

1862. Crown land for sale, or public auction. 1 Jan 1862 to 31 July 1862

1862- 1864 Conditional Purchasers.  Contains the details of over 9,000 applications for the conditional purchase of Crown Land between 1st January 1862 and 30th September 1864. 1862. more *

Conditional Purchases Disallowed from 1 Jan 1862 to 31 Oct 1864. Contains name of purchaser, area of purchase, district and class of land and the reason for disallowance – which makes interesting reading. more.

1885. Forfeited Conditional Purchases as at 20 Feb., 11 June and 18 June1885. Contains considerable details. The No. of Cond Purchase, the purchaser, date of purchase, district, area, county, parish, papers lease application, charting numbers and portion. more

1885. Lapsed Conditional Purchases as at 30 June 1885 because of the ‘ non receipt of the necessary declarations and non – payment of balance , interest or installment of purchase money’. Contains considerable detail. The No. of Cond Purchase, purchaser, date of purchase, district, area, county, parish, papers lease application, charting numbers and portion. 680 entries

1865. Return of Pastoral rental for First & Second Class & Unsettled Districts.. Contains:- Name of Run, Lessee or Tenant, Area of run, annual rental, assessment, date present tenure commenced, term of tenure, appraised rent. Approx. 4000 entries. In the process of being digitised – to date nearly 3000 done. more

1865 Annual Leases for First Class Settled Districts. Provides name of lessee, district, no of lots, rent of lease and area of lease. Note as this return is for first class settled district, it contains small holdings. Contains 1745 entries. more

1871. Return of Runs Appraised. ( As per requirements of the Conditional purchase application) Contains, name of run, name of lessee, new rent, old rent, estimated area, nature and value of improvements. more 

1880. Deeds of Grant received form 1 July to 30 Sept 1879. Contains considerable details – Name of Grantee, Lands Department Grant No., Register Vol. and Folio No., situation of land, area of land, amount of assurance fee and amount of stamp duty.

1884. Deeds of Grant received form 1 July to 31 Dec 1884. Contains considerable details – Name of Grantee, Lands Department Grant No., Register Vol. and Folio No., situation of land, area of land, amount of assurance fee and amount of stamp duty. . 2880 entries. …more

1885 Deeds of Grant received form 1 Jan to 31 March 1885. Contains considerable details – Name of Grantee, Lands Department Grant No., Register Vol. and Folio No., situation of land, area of land, amount of assurance fee and amount of stamp duty. Contains approx. 800 entries

Land Grants on the Lower Nepean River

1885. Conversion of Pre-emptive into Conditional Leases approvals as at 28 July 1885. Contains considerable details. The number of the conditional lease, registration number, application number, persons name, address, date of application, area applied for, approx area apparently applied for, county, parish, land district, rent, amount already paid for 1885, date of credit, balance for 1885, number of CP in right of which lease is granted, particulars of pre-lease- number, lot and area, Register Volume and folio number.

1886 The registered Pastoral Holders of the Crown of NSW with the names of their holdings. Contains 3000+ entries.

1889 Hanson, W. The Registered Pastoral Holders of the Crown of New South Wales with the names of their Holdings .

1871 NSW Squatting Directory. 4,500 + entries of properties and their ‘owners’ . sample

Yewen’s Directory of Landholders NSW 1900 – on CD

Civil Service – includes railways , post office etc

1861. Listing of Civil Service Officers. 1029 entries.

1863. Civil Service

1866 – 1868. Officers of the NSW Civil Service. Approx. 600 entries 1866.  Includes railway staff, electric telegraph staff

1870 An index of Officers to Civil Establishment in 1870. Contains name and office, salary, date of appointment

1884. Civil Service List for the year 1885. (aka Residents of NSW 1885 Volume 2) Contains 9100 entries. See. The Civil Service Board of NSW was required to publish a ‘CIVIL SERVICE LIST’ containing the names of all the Officers of each Division and Class and of all other person employed by the Civil Service.The database provides surname and first names, occupation / position, the location and the division and / or class of the employee. see *

1887 Remuneration received by all Public Officers -prepared by Civil Service Board see

1863. Listing of Postmasters and Post Offices. Contains approximately 400 names with detail of annual salary. see

1866. List of Post Offices, postmasters and salary.

1866 List of Stamp sellers, residence and date of appointment.

1867. Postal Contractors for Western , Southern and Northern roads. Provides name and addresses of contracors, Postal lines ( eg. ‘W. Winch of Singleton – Muswellbrook, Denman, Merriwa and Cassilis- contractor required to provide a boat at Denman’), mode of conveyance (4-wheeled coach). annual amount payable ( £546.0.0) and date of termination of contract. Sample. 

1877 Postmaster General – Electric Telegraph. Contains names of Electric telegraph station masters, operators, messengers etc. Provides date of appointment, annual salary and date of first appointment. Contains 410 entries. sample

1882 Postmaster General – Post Offices. Contains names of post masters, assistant postmasters, letter carriers etc. Provides date of appointment, salary and date of first appointment. Contains 250 entries

1884 List of Stamp- sellers. Provides names, residential address and date of appointment. Contains 500+ entries

1871. Return of all Employees of the Traffic Branch of the Great Northern Railway, officers and men employed in the Harbours and Rivers Department. Provides name, location, occupation and salary. some example

1882 Railways Contains names of Station masters, Inspectors, Clerks, etc. Provides date of appointment, salary and date of first appointment. Contain 200 entries

1887 Officers of the Railways providing position and allowances.

Religion and Education

Cashman, G. M. A Catholic Who’s Who from 1788 to Polding.

1862 Listing of Roman Catholic priests in the colony as at 1861. Provides names of parish, salary, parsonage house where situated, the number of person ‘it will contain’ (i.e. the parish) and the number of ‘persons generally attending’. more

1866. Ecclesiastical Return for 1866. Provides names, parishes, date of appointment of minister / priest, annual salary. Sample

1864 – 1870. Ministers of Religion and salary received .

1867 Presbyterian Ministers

1865 Report of the Denominational School Board. Contains considerable details. Name of teacher (principal ?), locality of school, number of children on roll, average daily attendance, number of those able to pay / not pay fees, etc. Arranged by Diocese then by denomination. Newcastle diocese and some extracts for Sydney and Goulburn diocese.

1867 Education Report. Contains locality of school, teacher name, annual salary, number of boys and girls on roll and average attendance. sample

1917 Almanac of the Diocese of Maitland and Family Home Annual.; extracts , names and pictures of clergy, parishes of Lambton, Krambach, Kurri Kurri, Lochinvar , Merewether and Meriwa.

1925 Australian Catholic Directory. 1925. extracts re churhes and clergy of Diocese of Maitland. pictures and bursary names. see

1926 Almanac of the Diocese of Maitland and Family Home Annual. see

 1927 Diocese of Maitland. Historical Notes and Records. see singleton parish

1928 Almanac of the Diocese of Maitland and Family Home Annual. . extracts etc – also contains list of results of Bursary and prize examination for 1927. (600 names)

1929 Almanac of the Diocese of Maitland and Family Home Annual. 1929

Singleton and Patricks Plains Resources

Anglican Marriages in East Maitland of Singleton & Patrick’s Plains residents – 51 marriages *

Anglican Baptism in East Maitland ditto – 139 baptisms *

Anglican Burial at Whittingham – 323 entries *

1839 Baptismal Registers of the Anglican Parish of Singleton – Whittingham from 1839. 1844 Baptismal Registers of the Anglican Parish of Warkworth 1844 to 1853. see  *

1844 Baptismal Registers of the Anglican Parish of Falbrook – Camberwell 1844 to 1896. *

Baptismal Register Singleton Presbyterian see *

1866 -67.  Singleton Ratepayers and Landlords.This listing includes not only the ratepayer name but his address, the name of the property owner, the gross and nett value of the property. More information is available here. *

Singleton & District Postal Directories 1832 – 1884; 6457 entries. more *

PO Directories for :- Anvil Creek, Belford, Branxton, Bridgeman, Camberwell, Darlington, Elderslie, Fordwich, Glendon Brook, Goorangoola, Gresford, Jerrys Plains, Lewinsbrook, Muswellbrook, Patricks Plains, Patterso – Allyn, Ravensworth, Singleton, Scotts Flat, Sedgefield, Warkworth, Wollombi, Westbrook.

Place names of Singleton and Surrounding District. *

Singleton & District Residents selected from Maitland Mercury, Singleton Times, Singleton Argus, Government Gazette, censuses etc. – 4152 entries *

Entries from the 1926 ‘Back to Singleton’ booklet. – 1215 entries.  see *

Residents of Rix’s Creek…more *

Who was who in Hunter Valley Towns ( Singleton only) 1888

1913 Singleton Dairy Farmers 1913 – 1920 The register contains the following information:- address of owner, location of dairy, the date of application and the number of cows milked. more *

1903 – 1954. Mitchell’s Flat School Pupils The complete list provides date of admission, date of admission to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes. The name of the parent / guardian, residence, occupation, date left school and in some cases . the reason. *

1939 – 1945′ Listing of Persons who enlisted from Singleton district.

1914 – 1918 Monumental Inscriptions. Burdekin Park Centotaph see

Carrowbrook Roll of Honour.

1914- 1918. Portraits & Biographies of selected Singeton soldiers in  WW1

Electoral Rolls Singleton & Districts and Newcastle

Northumberland & Hunter 1851/52

Hunter 1859/60

Paterson 1859/60

Patricks Plains 1871/72

Patricks Plains 1878 / 79

Upper Hunter 1878/79 ( part only)

Patricks Plains 1881 / 82

Patricks Plains 1890 / 91

Singleton1894 / 95 for Broke, Greta, Jerry Plains, Singleton

Singleton 1903 (part only)

Singleton 1912- 13 Branxton

Singleton 1903-04

Shire of Patricks Plains 1922

Newcastle 1879

Newcastle 1881

Cemetery Transcripts

Brunkerville Cemetery

Grave Listing for Branxton Catholic Cemetery.

Wallsend Cemetery (some missing )

Mount Vincent Cemetery

Maitland Cemetery

Singleton & District Headstone Inscriptions for:- Queen Street Catholic; St Patrick’s Columbarium Queen Street. Convent of Mercy Queen Strret.; Old Methodist Queen Street; Whittingham

Mining and Miners

Mining. 1861 – 62. Applications for leases of Auriferous Lands under ‘Gold Fields Act of 1861’. Provides names, date, location / situation and extent of lease, duration of lease, date commence and rent. Contains 150 + entries.

Lease Register Gold NSW 1874 – 1953

Mineworkers (Hunter District) . Over 1695 mineworkers were seriously injured , many of them fatally, as a result of accidents between 1847 and 1938. This index contains names, age occupation, date of accident, and name of mine, mine location, details of the accident, and references for the data. Coal Miners.This index can be searched on line *

Gold, Mineral & Gemstones Localities in NSW

Convicts and Deserters

Convicts and Deserters *

Crimes of the First Fleet Convicts

Convict Ships

Local Histories

nominate the town:

Most of these histories do not contain an index 

Bendemeer 1832 – 2005

History of Greater Cessnock

Cessnock. 1826 – 1954 see


Emmaville and District 1872 – 1972


Kempsey and Macleay River District

Lambton 1862 – 1872



Port Stephens

Presbyterian Church Scone

Richmond- 1895 River District. 1828 see

Stroud and the AA Company

Millfield 1825 – 1968

New England. Northern Tablelands. 1818 – 1900

Warialda 1827- 1930

Wallsend St Patrick’s School/ 1883 – 1983

Wiseman’s Ferry

Pioneer Registers

Singleton Pioneer Register and Muswellbrook Pioneer Register

Maitland Pioneer Register

Cessnock Pioneer Register

Orange and District Pioneer Register 0n CD

New England

Hotels and Publicans

Inns and Hotels 1825 – 1900 see *

Singleton and Hunter valley

1882.Return of Publican’s Licenses; Colonial Wine Licenses; Spirit Merchants’ Licenses; Brewers Licenses and Return of Billiard and Bagatelle Licenses for1 July 1882 to 30 June 1883. Contains 4171 entries. see example * partly digitised

1885 . Return of Publican’s Licenses; Colonial Wine Licenses; Spirit Merchants’ Licenses; Brewers Licenses and Return of Billiard and Bagatelle Licenses for Jan 1885. Contains approximately 1000 entries

Place Names, Surnames and Christain Names

Place Names of Northern NSW

Place Names of the Central Coast

Place Names of NSW

Place Names of Australia

Australian Place Names

Place Names of Victoria

What’s in a name?

Aboriginal Place Names

Names of Railway Stations in NSW. With their meaning and Origin.

Australian Roadside Inns (1921)

Hunter Valley Place Names

Place names of Singleton and Surrounding District. 

One Thousand Place Names in NSW.

Irish Place Names

The Meaning of Irish Place Names

Scottish Place Names

The Clans and Tartans of Scotland see

English Place Names

Guide to English Place Names



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