Residents of NSW – Publicans.

Grapes Inn 1869; home of Patrick & Dinah Callaghan aka Clonmany.



This data base has been extracted from my master database, Residents of NSW – Vol 3.

To date it contains the names of  5219 publicans and the names and location of their hotels.

The data has been sorted in alphabetical order of names of publicans and then by the town or place.

It contains entries from 1832 to 1913.

The names are often place names eg Howlong Hotel, or landmarks eg Post Office hotel, Courthouse hotel.

However a large number reflect the heritage of the population e.g Imperial Hotel, Albion Hotel, Shamrock Hotel, Caledonia Hotel. By far many include the allegiance to the crown e.g Royal Hotel, Royal Standard Hotel, Royal Oak Hotel.

Whilst my listing does not name all the hotels, what is interesting in the data to date is that the name ‘Australia’ for a hotel is absent until the 1880’s.